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Marowa’s latest single makes brilliance look easy

GOSPEL music sensation Olinda Marowa has released a single that makes brilliance look easy with her fusion of her brand which has made her a household name in local music circles with the mapostori musical influences — a production aimed at penetrating new markets.


The single titled Tichengeteiwo and produced by Voice of Thunder Studios was released last week and the Ndinouya Baba hitmaker said it was, well-received, particularly on her social media sites and she will have a video done soon.

“It is a fusion of modern museve — the one I normally use — and a mapostori flavour. This was to maintain my identity as well as to penetrate into a different flavour as well.

“So far the reception is quite overwhelming, especially on my social media platforms. People are loving the song.”

In the single, Marowa’s evocative voice beseeches God to keep an eye on His people and to protect them in their day-to-day activities, be it at their work places or respective business areas.

“This is a powerful song that asks God to bless the works of our hands and we are sure to be blessed as He hears our crying to Him.
“It is a prayer song asking for God’s protection, especially as the world seems wicked, asking for His blessings at our work places, our wealth not to get destroyed as well as even to bless  and  protect those in the diaspora,” she said.

Marova said  she decided to come up with a single for her fans as she was still working on another album, Moyo Wangu.

“I really felt that since we are approaching the festive season, I could offer it to the nation as more of a celebratory as well as a prayer song.  

“I’m working on a DVD — a compilation of songs from my  album Moyo wangu, as well as songs from the previous albums.

“To my fans, I’m so grateful for the great support they keep giving me. As this single is a prayer song for protection, may God protect them and that they keep expecting more offerings from me.”

Marowa attributed her success to prayer, perseverance, hardwork, emphasising that humility had contributed a lot to her success.

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