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Jah Prayzah’s litmus test

Singer Jah Prayzah has gone global and no longer needs any further local validation, as the build-up to his 10th album launch scheduled for October 13 suggests.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

As millions of ears wait patiently to listen to the contents of the song Kutonga Kwaro, with higher expectations than ever before, the project just has to surpass his past work.

Even Jah Prayzah’s marketing of the album launch has changed for the better, with his social media pervaded with videos of him with big names on the continental scene endorsing the event.

Everything appears in place for another historic album launch which will see Nigerian artist Davido also performing. Not only is Jah Prayzah’s talent under the spotlight — his pull-effect as well.

The stakes are simply higher as the prices for the concert predictably jumped in complete defiance of the economic crisis many citizens are facing leaving some asking just how important it is.

“It’s an album launch and Jah has done shows alone before but this time there is Davido, who does not come cheap by the way,” promoters 2 Kings Entertainment representative DJ Dee Nosh said.

With prices for advance tickets ranging from $20 for ordinary access to $100 in the golden circle, there has been a section that believes the concert is out of reach for the ordinary public with the gate charges expected to spring further upwards.

“People will always cry, even when you put prices at as low as $5, but this is a double show and the two have a hit together so we feel it is worth it,” DJ Dee Nosh said, adding that they were convinced that the My Lilly singer’s troop of fans would fill up HICC once more.

“Jah Prayzah is launching some new music and we know this is going to accumulate into a massive show as in the past.”

At the moment, no one, including music grandee Oliver Mtukudzi, would charge that much for a one night show.

The star’s camp also believes nothing is out of the normal given that it is a double package:

“Jah Prayzah fans have taken us from the grassroots when he used to charge as little as $2 and they still follow him even as he had risen but what determines prices is the cost for organising the event and as much as it a launch, Davido will also be performing,” said Jah Prayzah’s manager Keen Mushapaidze.

Mushapaidze is convinced the event will live up to expectations as he promised a “solid” show along with good music with yet to be priced CDs also on sale on the day.

Meanwhile, the album is a blockbuster expected to carry some anticipated songs in which the dreadlocked mbira player featured Nigeria’s Yemi Alade and US vocalist Jason Derulo.

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