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Zim couple pioneer Njanji gospel music brand

A ZIMBABWEAN couple based in South Africa has pioneered a rich brand of gospel music, Njanji Music, which is a sub-genre they are confident is set to make the waves in the local music industry as it is endearing itself with fans in that country.

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Innocent Njanji and his wife Jennifer said their latest offering, Heavy Rain, that was recorded by Gibson Makumbe at Voice Of Thunder Studios, is set to increase the Njanji Music fan base.

“Njanji Music is gospel music with a mixture of sungura and traditional beat. We also use traditional instruments such as mbira and hwamanda mixed with keyboard, drums and guitars to create a different flavour of music,” Njanji said.

Following the release of his latest album, the 34-year-old gospel minister said he now had three music projects under his belt, which he was marketing under the Njanji Music brand.

“The first is Zodzo, an 11-track album released in 2016 and later in the same year in December I did Nyasha Dzegore [The Return], a single where I featured my mentor Trymore Bande,” he said.

“This year I am back again with an album titled Heavy Rain [Mvura Yepundutso] where I featured popular gospel artists Bande, Rumbi Zvirikuzhe and Daniel Masamha.”

The eight-track album Heavy Rain contains mixed messages.

“Heavy Rain is about the prophet Eria, when he prayed for the heavy rain to show the powers of the Most High to the prophet of bahaal. In the track Vana Vangu, I give marital advice to the new generation and in Mviro Mviro, I warn people not to play with God’s temple,” he said.

Njanji also roped in a Nigerian flavour in Chineke, a song which thanks God for protecting the family’s businesses.

“I am improving from my previous projects. We are receiving more invitations from different churches to perform, as well as other artists for collaborations,” he said.

“Last year in October we travelled to Durban, where I shared the stage with Bande, Phibeon Tagarira and Collen Kakwesi. Later that year in December we had a live show in Springs town.

“This year we were in Nelspruit Kabokweni Hall in Mpumalanga and we were also invited to minister in Thembisa at Prophetic Healing Ministries. This month we were invited to minister in Boksburg Rapha Ministries, the list is long.”

Njanji said his most memorable moment was the show that was held in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga near Mozambique where the response he “received from the fans was super”.

It is a fruitful year for the Njanjis as the wife, Jennifer, has also released her own single titled Tungamira, also featuring her husband.
Born in Mt Hampden, Harare in a family of six, the 32-year-old Jennifer said she was inspired by her husband to take up gospel music as a career.

“My testimony is I didn’t know I was going to be a singer until I met this humble man of God, Minister Njanji, my husband, and we always pray to God about The Deep Worship Platform to give us more revelations in this industry,” she said.

“At the moment, I only have one single Tungamira, which is doing well and people like it. More albums are coming, I promise.

“My message on the track is a prayer where we are asking the Holy Spirit to lead us in everything we do because alone, we won’t succeed.”
However, Njanji knew there was something in him from a tender age.

“In Grade 3, I used to play with man-made guitars and drums and I then started dreaming of new gospel songs, and that’s when I realised that I am a gospel artist,” he said.

The couple are inspired by Zimbabwe gospel music sensation Charles and Olivia Charamba as well as Bande.

“Besides music, I am a preacher so I decided to preach the Word of God through music. I am employed as a forklift operator at a certain company in South Africa and I own a small construction company Divine Wall.”

Njanji advised upcoming artists to be original and come up with their own brands and to remain humble in the industry.

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