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Strawberry milkshake

Continuing with the kids-themed drinks, this week I’m talking about strawberry milkshake. We do have an abundance of strawberries in our garden, so we are really looking for creative ways to use them up.

By Edith

I did notice too that there is quite an abundance of strawberries all around, so you have no excuse not to treat your young ones to this flavoursome tasty treat this weekend.

Better still, I encourage you to get them to make this on their own, provided of course that you will supervisor them and help them where sharp utensils may be required. This recipe will work well if you have a blender but if you don’t, it’s still fine as you can use a fork to mash up the strawberries.

Strawberry milkshake


l500g strawberries, remove leaves and slice

l2 tablespoons sugar

l2 teaspoons vanilla essence

l1 litre strawberry or vanilla ice cream

l1 cup milk

lFresh cream for whipping


In a mixing bowl, add the strawberries (leave a few for garnishing), sugar and vanilla essence. Mix thoroughly and leave for about one hour. This is called maceration where you want to extract as much juice from the strawberries as possible.

In your blender, place the strawberries, milk and ice-cream and blend till smooth, for about five minutes depending on the power of your blender. When well-blended, pour into individual glasses and garnish with whipped cream and strawberries, serve.

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