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Angels eyes global fashion scene

Inclusivity is now an effective strategy associated with the fashion world and a local designer, Ian Angels is among those bringing about the long-awaited change with his approach to diversity.

Angels is aspiring to start a modelling agency, which will nurture models groomed for international markets. He wants to expand his territory and explode onto the global fashion scenes.

The Standard Style reporter Abigail Matsikidze (AM) caught up with Angels (IA), who shared his experiences. Below are excerpts from the interview:

AM: Why did you choose fashion designing as a career?

IA: Well, I did not choose fashion a career, but it’s all about what fashion means to me, because fashion is not defined by clothes but it defines one’s character. So to me, fashion is a lifestyle and I am my own fashion.

AM: What motivates you as a fashion designer?

IA: l have this nature of beautifying and changing things, so every time l look at any person wearing something, the first thing l see are errors. I will be desiring to change their clothes, style and also taste of colours.

AM: According to your designs, how can you define fashion?

IA: Fashion just means a way of doing things, a style or a pattern suitable for an individual.

AM: What skills are required for one to become a good designer?

IA: For someone to become a good designer, there is need for one to have talent, and additional knowledge from school will help you to keep up with the trending styles. I personally attended courses on cutting and designing, dress-making, interior décor and l’m studying cosmetology to enhance my modelling skills as well as make-up, manicure and pedicure.

AM: What do you consider as important facets of the fashion industry?

IA: In the fashion industry, there is need for resources and connections; it is a very expensive industry as you need technical machines, internet, raw materials and advanced sewing machines. Because of technological advancement, one needs good information technology because gone are the days we used to draw on paper, we now use Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw for designing.

AM: Tell me about your accomplishments that you are proud of so far.

IA: I have worked with international designers like David Tshale from South Africa and another Italian designer Angelo Galaso and l have gained a lot of experience and knowledge from these stars.

So far, my fashion taste has been altered to be European, Italian and African style at the same time, but mostly I make a lot of local staff because of my clients who like African print materials.I have travelled to countries like Europe and Dubai, among others doing fashion shows

AM: Can you tell us more about your designing background.

IA: My childhood was harsh since l was raised by a single mother after my father died when l was only six years old. Sometimes for the whole year I would use one pair of shoes and I would end up repairing my broken shoes and that’s when l learnt how to make shoes. I also used to turn my school uniform collars when the other side was worn out.

So, from the mud to where l am today with fashion, I believe I did not choose fashion, but fashion chose me. That makes it very important to me to an extent that fashion is my life.

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