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Miracle service with a difference

It was miracles galore last Sunday at Goodness and Mercy Ministries (GMM) in Glen View when the church hosted a prophetic and deliverance crusade dubbed Spiritual Spectacles Sunday.

By Staff Reporter

Thousands of congregants made their way into the church which is situated in Glen View 8, opposite Glen View Poly Clinic. The spiritual spectacles specialist Prophet Tapiwa Freddy, who is also the founder of the church, presided over the crusade that started at 10am and ended at 4:30pm.

Many people with conditions ranging from disability, terminal illnesses, blindness, to marital problems, among others, were assisted.

“The Spiritual Sunday was a follow up to the Spiritual Spectacles Night 3. It was a special event in that God demonstrated His power through me. I am doing this as an instruction from the Almighty,” he said.

According to Freddy, the “spiritual spectacles” allow people to see their past and future, giving congregants the ability to see the “second world”.

The man of God said he is receiving an overwhelming response from people from all walks of life since the moment he introduced the “spiritual spectacles”.

GMM’s sermons are recorded and available on CDs, DVDs, and the church’s Facebook page and websites.

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