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Madzibaba Stephen in clean-up exercise

Mahatma Gandhi once said; “We can no more gain God’s blessing with an unclean body than with an unclean mind. A clean body cannot reside in an unclean city.”


In reference to the above, leader of the Johane Masowe Chishanu, Zambuko apostolic sect Madzibaba Stephen Mugariri last Wednesday joined the anti-litter campaign alongside hundreds of his congregants as they collected refuse and litter in Zengeza, Chitungwiza.
Speaking to The Standard Style on the sidelines of the event, Mugariri said he was effecting the teachings that were delivered to his congregation by council on maintaining a clean environment.

“As much as we want to live in a clean and healthy environment, we have to appreciate that council on its own might not afford to do what is enough. So, as part of the community, we have decided to complement their work and assist the local authority in keeping the community clean,” he said.

Madzibaba Stephen said his church members were taking a leading role to clean the environment in the society in which they live as part of their social responsibility.

“As a church, we have to show a strong commitment to public health and cleanliness. We should clean our environment as we cannot be well-dressed and live in a dirty place. This issue of litter requires a collective effort in our societies to take good care of our environment. This is the gospel we are preaching for the benefit of present and future generations,” he said.

Madzibaba Stephen said when an individual wants to dispose of litter, they must make sure that they are not depriving other citizens of their right to a clean environment.

Some residents praised Madzibaba Stephen and his congregants for the good work, saying it was an initiative that must be emulated by many churches in the communities.

“We are pleased with Madzibaba Stephen and his congregants’ move to do such wonderful work in the community. We support such activities, that is why we also joined them to make sure our community is clean,” said Abigail Chauruka of Zengeza 2.

Godfrey Dube, who also joined the congregants in the clean-up exercise, said Madzibaba Stephen was leading by example, something that must be emulated by other churches.

“The church must be relevant in the community which it exists in, and this is exactly what the church should do — balancing the theological aspect with such a helping hand,” he said.

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