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Zhakata’s Christmas treat

Zimbabwean top artist, Leonard Karikoga Zhakata, says he will be releasing a new album before Christmas.


The Zora Music maestro expressed gratitude to his multitudes of fans for the support on his last album Mutunga Dzese, which carried plug tracks Madam Boss and Zvine Mwaka.

The songs topped Radio Zimbabwe’s Coca Cola Top 50 in 2016.

Madam Boss was on Number One position, while Zvine Mwaka came second.

With the popularity of the song Madam Boss, which stole the limelight last year, his massive number of excited fans are expecting another new release to quench their musical thirst.

In an interview with The Standard Style on Wednesday, Zhakata said: “If things go according to our plans, it will be before Christmas.”

The album is likely going to be named Mutunga Dzese Extension.

Zhakata, who has a gifted voice and well-calculated lyrics and composing ability, seems to be striking the right chords, if the response to his new songs at live shows is anything to go by.

He is sampling the new songs from the forthcoming album and attracting wild cheers from fans during live shows.

Zhakata has pleaded with fans to be patient as he makes final touches to the album.

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