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Amanda unleashes new single

Gweru-born and Texas-bred actress and musician Amanda Badze, popularly known as Amabeyond, on Friday released a single titled Texasmade, which she said was “a subtle celebration of the new Zimbabwe.”

By Staff Reporter

She said apart from celebrating the new political dispensation in Zimbabwe, the song also talks about her life.

“The song is a subtle celebration of the new Zimbabwe paired with the weight of my global life-story and journey that has led me to this particular moment in time,” she said.

“In addition to weighing the future of this Zimbabwean shift, I also share a heart for Texan victims of Hurricane Harvey, who are still seeking upliftment to this day and all those who are going through difficult transitions in these unique times.”

Amabeyond produced the single, which also features LoveDale Makalanga who plays the acoustic guitar. Makalanga also engineered the song, which was recorded at Martin Stewart’s Vadzimu Records.
Mixing collaborations include Zimbabwean producers Nyasha Mufandirore aka Luggah and Bongani Tapera aka Locoste.

The video of the song, capturing a moment of contemplation, came out of an inspired collaboration between MMF and Lovers Pamire’s New Dawn Productions.

Amabeyond features on the video wearing distinctly traditional African print that is cut in a way that might be considered risqué among the modern dominant culture of Zimbabawe.

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