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Gundani announces her entrance into gospel music

THE Holy Spirit-inspired mesmerising voice of former Musengezi High School student, Catherine Gundani has announced itself to the gospel world in a spectacular manner.

By The Master

Gundani, who is based in the United Arab Emirates, recently released a debut single titled The Announcement.

The inevitable has happened as the matter was settled long back, when the ground work was seeded by her mother, who Gundani described her as her role model.

She said she began emulating her mother’s singing when she was 12 years old and her blossoming career was later perfected by international gospel music powerhouse, Loveworld Music Ministry.

“Ministering at the prestigious Loveworld Festival of Music and Arts which was held in Johannesburg, South Africa earlier this year was the stepping stone of my career,” Gundani said.

“I have never considered my gospel music as a career; all I want is for the message to get across to the world. That’s why my current single is available for free download on“

This is the testimony from Gundani, who has promised Zimbabweans that she is working on producing more wonderfully-made gospel music works in her calling of ministering the Word of God through music.

“My latest single has been a success and it has given me more zeal to continue. I thank God for technology which makes it easy to reach many people in one place — the internet. There will surely be collaborations with other music ministers resident here in the Middle East and abroad,” she said.

“I was born a music minister. I take after my mother, who used to sing in church with her friends. From about 12 years old, together with my friends from school, we had a vision to reach the world with music. Unfortunately, that didn’t go far because we ended up going to different high schools.

“God placed me at Musengezi High School where my voice was trained; that’s where I had my first studio and video recording experience.”

She owes her success to the late choir director at Msengezi High School, Terminus Msindo.

“After Musengezi, I was then mentored by Pastor Edwin Mushuna, who is now based in South Africa and still recording gospel music. I was part of the group he formed called New Vision under AFM church,” she said.

“My church [Christ Embassy] encouraged me to record and I head one of the choirs.”

The 32-year-old gospel minister said it is the Holy Spirit that inspired her to to take up gospel music.

“When He blesses you with a gift, He also directs you on how to use it for God’s purpose. I want to take God’s message to the nations of the earth through music,” she said.

She said the shift work at her workplace allows her time to do other things.

“I have released the single titled The Announcement, which has been well-received because the message is personal for each person who hears it,” she said.

“I’m working on two singles which should be out this year and early next year. An album with a collection of all the singles will be available end of next year.

“The messages that the Holy Spirit ministers through me are variable. Mostly from letting people know who they are in Christ, appreciating all that He does for them to knowing their purpose and embracing that purpose.”

She said her backing vocals come with different beats, but she always has soprano, alto and female tenor on them.

“I would say to upcoming artists, it’s all about taking the first step then everything else will line up for you. Do it for the Lord, not for monetary gain because it’s all about you worshipping and praising God in those songs,” she said.

Gundani is inspired by Pastor Charles Charamba and his wife locally while regionally she adores the music of South African Martin PK. She said she also follows music of Nigerians Sinach and Ada.

She said gospel music to her is a personal calling by God and should be done as He directs.

“Like my man of God Pastor Chris taught me, no gospel music minister should be paid for ministering in church. However, one can produce albums or singles and sell them. There is a difference between ministering in a church service and ministering at a concert,” she said.

In the beginning was God; He is the same yesterday, today and forever. There will always be gospel music, she said as she summed up her view on the impact of gospel music in society.

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