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Promiscuous man granted protection order

A Harare man has been granted a protection order against his wife after he approached the court claiming that he was being assaulted and abused after he infected her with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) twice.


Edson Ringwa appeared before magistrate Lazini Ncube claiming that his wife Millicent Munemo assaults him and vandalises his car whenever they have an argument.

“She assaults me whenever we argue and she has to stop vandalising my car,” he said.

Ringwa also claimed that his wife followed him to his work place.

“Sometimes she hides my clothes in order for me not to go to work,” he said.

Munemo however opposed the application claiming Ringwa was having an extra-marital affair and had infected her with an STI twice.

“He has a girlfriend but I advised him to leave her. He, however, continued seeing her and infected me with syphilis twice. I am still suffering from it now,” she said.

Munemo also admitted hiding her husband’s clothes saying Ringwa’s girlfriend buys clothes for him thus she does not need those in their house.

“His girlfriend is a cross-border trader and she buys him clothes and he lies to me saying he bought them on credit. At one point I sold some of them to pay for our child’s transport to school,” she said.

She also claimed that her husband assaulted her when she protested against the fact that his girlfriend bought Christmas clothes for her children.

“He hit me after I questioned him on the oversized clothes he had bought for our children. I then discovered that the clothes were bought by his girlfriend from South Africa, and when I questioned him he beat me,” Munemo said.

She also claimed that her husband did not pay for her medical bills and treatment when he infected her with an STI for the second time. Munemo claimed Ringwa used traditional medicine to treat himself of STIs.

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