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Musakatiza drops visuals for Usacheuke album

A Marondera based Catholic Priest Father Mobie Musakatiza has just released visuals for his topping album titled usacheuke.

By Tafadzwa Rusike Gondo

The 30 year old priest who hails from Mutoko started on a good note with his mind blowing music that takes an unorthodox lyricism.

While expecting to hear the serene usual Roman Catholic cadenza of Mwari huyai with just drums and hosho, Musakatiza goes for the contemporary gospel style laden with various instruments like guitars and pianos.

Speaking to TheStandard style about his just released visuals he said his music is a way of communicating God’s message to the people of Zimbabwe and the world over.

“My aim is to inspire and give hope to people through music. Music has the power to change lives and it’s my wish that I transform people’s lives through my music,” he said.

“I believe that gospel music has the power to change lives. And that’s an undeniable truthful fact. Ministering through his music will impact in many ways as preaching does” he added

With Catholic priests accustomed to preaching behind the pulpit, many find it unconventional for a priest to be recording and selling music.

“The greatest challenge has been of people not fully understanding that a priest can also record music. In many cases I have often been asked if it was allowed for priests to record music. But slowly people are starting to get the idea that there are many ways of preaching and music is not an exception” he said.

The vocally gifted priest recently released an album titled Usacheuke with seven tracks namely Usacheuke (title track), Garai Nesu, Vana Vangu, Ndiye Mwari, Tinokunamatira, Uyai and Mweya Mutsvene.

In 2011 he released his first album titled Makandikomborera.

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