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Soya Chunk Balls

Oh, how January seems to be dragging even more! Someone joked and said this January has been actually much longer, claiming that same time last year we would have already been in mid-February. Anyway, no matter how long it drags, one thing is for sure — the month will eventually come to an end.

By Edith

So, schools opened last week and I hope that you were able to get your children enrolled and that those starting new schools have been able to at least settle down, especially those starting Grade 1 and Form 1. That said, I hope that you have been left with a little bit of change from the financial drain of school fees, uniforms and tuck.

That said, we are still continuing with our January Disease series because I understand that we may not all be able to afford the abundance of December after a myriad of obligations we had to meet since the beginning of the year. Today, we are focusing on soya chunks. For vegetarians, this is a normal and healthy protein substitute for meat. For the rest of us meatlovers, this is a substitute we will only have at the bottom of the cupbaord. Soya chunks are a by-product of the extraction of soybean oil.

100g of soya chunks contains about 54g of protein, which is actually more protein than that in meat or eggs. Soya chunks also contain high levels of fibre which helps reduce bad cholesterol. In a nutshell, soya chunks are really a high protein food that can easily be substituted for meat. Instead of the boring way we normally see soya chunks being cooked, I’m going to give you an exciting recipe that you can even use during times of abundance when you just don’t feel like having meat. This meal will cost $9,60 for a family of four.

Soya Chunks Balls


l2 cups soya chunks

l4 cloves garlic, crushed

l1cm root ginger, crushed

l1 tsp mild curry

l1 tsp coriander

l½ tsp black pepper

l3 tbs plain flour/cornflour

l½ green pepper finely chopped

l1 small onion finely chopped

l1 beaten egg

lSalt to taste

lOil for frying

In a medium sized bowl, soak soya chunks overnight. When you are about to cook, squeeze all the water out of the chunks. Place in a dry bowl and mix all the ingredients together except the oil.

Using a teaspoon, scoop out the mixed chunks and form into small balls. When done place in the fridge about 30 minutes. Heat the oil in a large deep frying pan. When hot, place the soyaball and fry, turning constantly so that they are evenly browned. You can serve this with sadza and vegetables.

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