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Zibah kickstarts 2018 programme

Business, media and arts network, Zimbabwe Business and Arts Hub (Zibah) today kickstarts its programmes for 2018 with a get-together for members at Club Vicious in Hillside, Harare.

By Staff Reporter

Running under the theme, Monetising networks, synergies for growth, the event brings business and pleasure to delegates as they create business linkages in 2018.

The open-to-all engagement will see captains of industry, development players, small to medium enterprises, media players and artists coming together under the banner of development, with key speakers sharing business nuggets and motivational talks.

Zibah vice-chairperson Exevia Maoneke said 2018 promised to be a great year.

“The inaugural get-together is a very good opportunity for Zibah members and other progressive citizens who want to join the network,” he said.

“It’s an opportunity to reflect on the strides made last year while exploring opportunities for 2018. It’s a top-notch networking event which comes at an opportune time, especially given the new political dispensation where we expect to gain more traction working with various stakeholders from government and the private sector.”

Zibah has been on a steady growth since its formation over a year ago and has hosted a number of events, chief among them the July 2017 Business Breakfast Meeting at Rainbow Towers where they engaged officials from the Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment as well as the Ministry of Small to Medium Enterprises around opportunities for locals.

The organisation’s head of marketing, Simbarashe Mahenga said the organisation had defined its space in the local business, media and arts space.

“At Zibah, we believe we are not second-class citizens, but critical players in the development of our country, hence the many programmes we have designed focusing on business, media and arts development since inception,” he said.

“We strongly believe those three sectors have a lot of bearing on how we progress as a nation and we will continue engaging government and other pro-development players.”

Mahenga emphasised the importance of today’s event, highlighting that Zibah was there to promote excellence and productivity in Zimbabwe.

Zibah is touted for being the first organisation to provide support in the form of groceries and other needs to departed liberation war hero and musician, Dickson Chingaira, better known as Cde Chinx when he was reported sick. They also helped Nicholas Zakaria to hold his first-ever top-notch album launch in front of a full house at the Aquatic Complex in Chitungwiza.

Zibah also came to the rescue of sungura musician Paradzai Mesi when he had become destitute. They also continue running developmental and mentoring programmes for their membership in business with great results and growth registered.

Today’s get-together event kicks off at 2pm and will run until 6pm, allowing delegates to share experiences, network for business and create linkages for business growth while enjoying some good music, food and drinks.

Club Vicious proprietor, who is also the Zibah’s business development director, Peter Gwaza said today’s event was in sync with his vision where he set up the exquisite club, which also houses his Kenako media business.

“Club Vicious is not just about vain fun, but a place where you can have fun in a progressive manner. Business executives come here and meet in our VIP lounge while enjoying drinks in a serene environment. Hosting a respected development player like Zibah is thus in sync with our vision and trajectory,” he said.

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