I don’t regret singing secular music: Samaita

Music is extremely powerful and it can have a huge effect on how you live your life, but sungura musician Brian Samaita believes playing and listening to secular music does not affect one’s Christian walk.

By Staff Reporter

Now a sheep of God, thanks to the redemption he got at the hands of South Africa-based Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Samaita said his secular music, just like gospel, was laden with catchy melodies, thoughtful insights and positive messages.

the musician recently released a five-track album titled Rinoonekwa Nemavanga, which carries a gospel track Iye Anonzwa.

While there is a wide belief that gospel and secular musicians are worlds apart, Samaita has collaborated with gospel diva Agatha Murudzwa on the song Jerusarema off his 2016 album Kumaziva Ndadzoka.

“Going to church does not necessarily mean that we are not sinners and playing secular music and performing in irreligious places is not a sin,” Samaita said.

“What matters most are our deeds in the eyes of the Lord. I have served the Almighty in different ways and most importantly, through music, be it secular or gospel.”

The businessman-cum-musician said he would not have been where he is in music without Shepherd Bushiri.

“Prophet Bushiri changed my life. He made me have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ … I couldn’t have made it in my music career without relying heavily on my faith. When I have doubts, He comforts me. When I am weak, He gives me strength,” Samaita said.

Samaita said to prove his growing faith in God, he made sure that each of his five albums carried a gospel track.

“My two albums in 2013 carried gospel tracks titled Solomon and Peter respectively, while Tsono, which was released in 2015 carried the gospel track Tinosvika Chete. In 2016 I collaborated with sister Agatha on the track Jerusarema and recently I did Iye Anonzwa,” he said.

“I might not come with a gospel album, but my wife is in the studio working on one, which should be out by June,” he said.

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