Prophet Mawoyo takes church to Asia

A Harare-based apostle and founder of Christ in Action International, Trevor Mawoyo has opened branches of his church in China and Hong Kong.

By Stephen Chadenga

Prophet Mawoyo said he visited the two Asian countries from December 24 to January 2 where he met 10 pastors.
“We managed to open two branches, one in China and another one in Hong Kong,” Prophet Mawoyo told The Standard Style.

“The branch in China is managed by Pastor Zhxieng while that in Hong Kong is led by Pastor Constant Kim. The visit there was an eye-opener as it was the first time for me to see Chinese people speak in tongues.”

Prophet Mawoyo said he took the Asian countries by storm and many people were converted to Christianity.

Early last year, Prophet Mawoyo said he wooed multitudes in India where he was guest speaker at a crusade organised by more than 50 churches.

During that time he also passed through China and Hong Kong where he held other crusades before opening branches in the two countries this year.

“I target Asian nations because they have huge populations with different religions but the gospel is yet to reach them,” he said.

These are not the only countries that Mawoyo has visited. Last year he travelled twice to neighbouring South Africa where he held crusades in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

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