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Byo authors pen motivational books

SEVEN young authors from Bulawayo have penned six books that touch on life experiences, fiction and ministerial events.


The books were written by upcoming motivational writers Xesha Khumalo, Thabitha Moyo, Vincent Khumalo, Vongai Mujakachi and Ntombizile Ncube, all aged 20 as well as Lisedi Nkomo (16) and Keith Vilani (19).

Director of the young authors Xesha said they realised that a lot of Africans were neither readers nor writers and they were aiming to change the mind-set.

“We want to make a difference in our community and implement a mentality of reading in our society. We just wanted to do something uncommonly known of young people and hence after publishing the books we thought of making them known to the world,” he said.

“We are already working on promoting the books. And our fingers are tightly fixed on the pens and more books are coming out before the year end. I will be releasing another book in July.”

Khumalo said it was a challenge as some of the young authors were still going to school, so it would take them time to complete the six books.

“It was a challenge to finish all the books on time. Most of the books took us about three to five months to finish as others are still going to school,” he said.

“I edited the books and we work with different editors including Haniel Nyauta. The proof reading was done by different people before they were printed.”

The books include The Voice: Ancient Words Coming Back To Life, When Tears Speak, My Escape: The Untold Century, Feelings From Deep Within, Spirit Filling And How Your Spirit Is Filled, as well as Choices We Make And Other Stories.

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