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Mteki launches branded water

African Roots Music exponent and world-renowned sculptor-cum-businessman Bryn Taurai Mteki, aka Sekurutau, has launched branded water called Mvura.

By Staff Reporter

The bottled water, which is manufactured through the eight-way advanced purification system, is sold within the artiste’s retail outlets dotted around Harare. Mteki told The Standard Style that the project was in partnership with a local water purifying firm Wellpure.

“Mvura is my brainchild, which I am doing in partnership with Wellpure. The partnership is meant to strengthen the commodity to meet customers’ demands,” Mteki said.

He said he was eyeing the international market.

“I wish to export Mvura and this will be the first ever Zimbabwean brand with a Shona name to make a name on the global stage,” he said.

Apart from bottled water, BrynBrands manufactures a wide range of products, including peanut butter, snacks, beverages, maputi [popcorn], petroleum jelly, kapenta, detergents as well as maize, sorghum and rapoko flour.

“We will be embarking on a worldwide expansion by opening BrynBrands outlets across the world with restaurants earmarked for America and Europe targeting selling Zimbabwean dishes,” he said.

Mteki said locally he has engaged some leading wholesalers to sell and distribute Mvura.

“I brokered deals with major wholesalers before I launched Mvura. Metro Peech and Browne wholesalers as well as other retailers are willing to distribute the commodity. I am also approaching companies so that we supply them with bulk purified water,” he said.

“As for foreign lands, I will launch my products, including Mvura, through my galleries and offices in Santa Rosa, California in the United States of America and Germany.

“As we all know that water is life, we as an organisation have seen it imperative to play a role in fulfilling the supply of clean, balanced purified water to the people. We have also named it in our mother language Mvura to preserve our heritage and culture as we aim to penetrate the global market.”

Sekurutau comes from a family tree of great sculptors with his father Richard Mteki and late uncle Boira Mteki being renowned sculptors of the first generation.

Apart from music and sculpture, Sekurutau is a businessman and founder of BrynBrands with interests in retail supermarkets, bottle stores, night clubs, real estate, butcheries and takeaways. He also operates a transport business, mining and a clothing line, among others.

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