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Glorious things spoken of Flame B latest project

LINES are falling in pleasant places for award-winning gospel artiste Blessing Manyangadze, popularly known as Flame B, with the production of an eight-track album entitled Music From Heaven set to be launched at 7 Arts Theatre in Harare next month.

By The Master

Glorious things are being spoken about Flame B’s latest album, especially the song God’s Word is Settled, which is set to be bigger than his earlier hits and has powerful lyrics that tap on the supernatural excellence of his Loveworld Music compatriot singer Sinach’s blockbuster song Waymaker.

Your Presence, Grace Overdrive, Handityi, Mwari Vashandura, Mudenga, Mufaro, Kugona Kwamunoita and a bonus song, God Can Do It All, are the other tracks, which were produced in different studios.

“I produced the songs with different producers. Some were made by Nigel Nyangombe, some by Kalino Records and others were done at Knockout Studio,” he said.
The Handidzokere Kumba hitmaker, who has shared the big stage with internationally-acclaimed gospel music stars such as Sinach, Ada, Israel Houghton and Frank Edwards, said he was inspired to do this album by the Holy Spirit.

“I feel like it’s the album that will blow away all those who listen to it with great positive surprise. That’s why I also called it Music From Heaven.”
He was full of gratitude to his church leaders from Christ Embassy, namely Рastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Ruth Musarurwa for the powerful Word that they impart in their teachings that have been the bedrock of the lyrics of his songs.

“Pastors are important because most of the songs we write I compose them after listening to the message being preached. it’s so easy to do that because you will be simply turning the Word you are hearing into melody.”

The Loveworld Music artiste told The Standard Style last week that that this time around his message to the world that comes out of the soon-to-be-launched album is giving assurance that the Word of God is settled for them both in Heaven and on earth.

“I am going to be assuring them that the word of God is settled for them in heaven and on earth, that God is upright and every promise He made he will do, he is not a man that He should lie! His Word will not go back to Him void, all He said He will do and no one can change that no matter what,” Manyangadze said.

Flame B says he is going to sing more songs in English to reach out to everyone across the globe and minister to every heart because English is a universally spoken language.

“I will be balancing, releasing Shona and English songs like I did on the forthcoming album so that I minister to my fans in my homeland and to all those who love my vernacular vibe,” he said.

Besides working on this new project, plans are afoot to stage live shows across the country giving his fans the best of his music as well as holding international shows too in Botswana, the United Kingdom, Germany and United States.

Lyrics of the song God’s Word Is Settled by Flame B.

I have a goodly, heritage

I’m called and I’m chosen

My lines are fallen

In pleasant places

I’m his Glory, his royal Diadem

I’m a partaker, of the divine nature

Joint heirs with Christ, I’m his workmanship

I’m from above, I hail from heaven

Abraham’s blessings, are mine and that’s what the word says;

God’s word is settled, In heaven it is settled

What the word says about me,

That’s who I am ×2

Glorious things are;

Spoken about me ×3

No one can change what the word says about me;

That is who I am ×2

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