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Popular Nigerian preacher heads for Zim

Popular Nigerian preacher and televangelist Prophet Joshua Iginla is heading to Zimbabwe next month for what the organisers have dubbed “the mother of all crusades”.

By Moses Mugugunyeki

Prophet Iginla, who is popularly known as Brother Iginla, is the founder and senior pastor of Champions Royal Assembly based in Abuja, Nigeria.

Champions Royal Assembly Zimbabwe, which is based in Epworth, hosts the Nigerian clergyman for a three-day service titled Zimbabwe Invasion Crusade: Chariot of Glory.

The crusade will be held from May 4 to 6 with the first two days slated for City Sports Centre, while the final day will be a special church service to be held at Champions Royal Assembly Church at Muguta Secondary School in Epworth.

The pastor at Champions Royal Assembly Zimbabwe, Prophetess Beaullah Machiri, confirmed Brother Iginla’s visit to Zimbabwe.

“Yes, he is coming. There is a rise in public excitement and expectations after the confirmation that Brother Iginla is coming to Zimbabwe. Although many have watched him on Champions TV, very few have had the opportunity to see him ministering the gospel in person,” Machiri said.

Brother Iginla, also known as the Ororo Master, has made a name for himself with his precision on prophecies. During his church services last year on May 14 and July 2, Brother Iginla predicted former president Robert Mugabe’s resignation.

“One of the African countries needs to pray against military intervention, I don’t want to say south, north, east or west Africa, but one of the African countries should pray against military intervention so that their democracy will not be truncated,” he said in one of his prophecies.

“I see military intervention. I don’t know why they are intervening, but what they are intervening for is between God and the future. This country has to pray so they don’t go back to where they are coming from”.

True to his prophecy, on November 14, 2017, Zimbabwe’s military seized control of the country, placing long-time leader Mugabe under house arrest and deploying armoured vehicles into the streets of Harare. Mugabe succumbed to pressure and resigned.

According to organisers of the crusade, Brother Iginla would be in Zimbabwe to pray for the nation.

“The Word says Jesus invites all with burdens and He will give them rest. We believe many will find their rest in Jesus at the Chariot of Glory crusade,” said Machiri.
“Do not be left out. Indeed Zimbabwe has been remembered and will have a glorious time in May.”

Street evangelism and roadshows are among some of the events lined up as a build-up to the crusade which will be spiced up by performances from gospel music veterans Baba Machanic Manyeruke and Pastor Haisa, as well as Mpostori Wency.

According to Machiri, Brother Iginla is a renowned teacher, preacher and anointed prophet of God.

“Many call him Papa or Ororo Master. The precision of his prophecies has earned him the name God’s Oracle. Ororo simply means anointing or zodzo in Shona.

Champions Royal Assembly Harare congregate Gregory Magwere said: “I am excited because our Papa is going to pray for our nation. Even as we approach elections, he will join us in prayer for peace. #Peace and unity in Zimbabwe.”

Machiri said they were expecting thousands of people, including pastors and ministers from different churches.

“We are expecting thousands of local people and many visitors from surrounding countries have confirmed their participation. We are excited because many pastors and ministers of the gospel will have time for impartation with the man of God,” she said.

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