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Wataffi set for supernatural accomplishments in gospel

MULTI award-winning musician Willis Wataffi (pictured), famed for his musical accomplishments with the group Afrika Revenge, bared his soul to The Standard Style as he revealed that although he is known more for his social commentary, he has always been a minister of the Word of God through music.

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Afrika Revenge is a multi-award winning Afro-fusion local group also comprising, Mehluli Moyo, that became popular in 2005 with hits such as Wanga and Anochengeta that topped local charts.

Wataffi, who revealed in a written interview that he has composed a whopping 400 songs, with some yet to be released, added that he sings gospel as a calling, while his social commentary songs are a means to eke a living.

“Before my music career started, I used to sing in and around a lot of churches and Anochengeta being arguably one of the biggest gospel songs we did, was written by me when I lost my mother in 1997,” he said.

“The ministry has always been a big part of my inspiration when writing Qaya Rootz Musik, which in my opinion is life-changing.”

Wataffi, who admitted that “the gospel is good news and so is my music said”, he has so many testimonies and the grace upon his life is amazing.

“I thank God for leading me to the right place where I receive special and life-changing teachings from my dear man of God Pastor Chris.

“Ever since I started going to Christ Embassy, my life has never been the same. I sing gospel as a calling and sing social commentary for a living,” he said.

Wataffi, who has four albums and three EPs under his belt, has lined up several gospel music projects this time set to reach supernatural accomplishments, beginning with the album Uhuru/Independence to be launched this month.

Willis Wataffi

Launching his first All Gospel Songs Of David album in Dubai in 2016 remains his biggest testimony.

On the album Uhuru, Wataffi said he was the voice of the Africa (which he prefers to spell Afrika), a continent whose artwork seeks to celebrate the footprints of those who helped to build the future its people are currently enjoying.

“I am an artiste and express myself without holding back. I am the voice of Afrika, whose artwork seeks to celebrate the footprints of those who came before us those whose footprints helped shape the future we live in now.”

As a precursor to the new album, Wataffi has an EP titled Nhema with two songs taken off the upcoming album titled Uhuru/Independence.

“I have an EP and took two songs off my coming album to promote its launch. The album is being produced in South Africa at Grahamstown by Edgar Muzah and Qaya Rootz music,” he said.

Wataffi who started recording Uhuru/Independence in 2016, said the songs contained therein were the things experienced by his generation born just before and post-independence.

“This album is speaking to the gatekeepers. The needs and desires of a young generation that grows up feeling empty and never realises the fullness or benefits of what’s called independence,” he said.

He said gospel ministers have “a big responsibility and must always be Kingdom-conscious whenever they do or utter anything.”

There is no greater calling than winning souls for God said Wataffi, who picked top Nigerian gospel singer Ada, Israel Houghton and Bebe Winans, among others.

He urged Zimbabweans to rejoice at their different churches this Easter as they celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ who came to give his people life eternal, as he would also be partaking in an Easter programme with his pastor, Ruth Musarurwa.

“Let us be those angelic voices that echo throughout all the earth. We are the salt of the world,” he said.

“God is real and I experience him every day of my life.”

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