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Grace Abound Church marks third anniversary

GRACE Abound Church, founded by Prophet Effort Vakai Maposa, last week celebrated their third anniversary with a historical three-day conference in Kwekwe, where the church has its roots.


The church started in 2015 in Munyati on the outskirts of Kwekwe, but moved a year later to its current location, 913 Industrial Road in Kwekwe town.

As part of the anniversary celebrations, gifted gospel artiste Trymore Bande ministered through music and the congregants sang along in joy as they celebrated.

A number of worshippers later gave testimonies appreciating what God had done for them in their lives.

In the midst of the last day of the service, dubbed Resurrection Sunday, Maposa, a disciple of Nigerian pastor, televangelist and philanthropist Temitope Balogun Joshua, commonly known as TB Joshua, took time to chronicle the journey the church had travelled since 2015.

“We are happy that God is doing wonders for the growth of this church which started in 2015 with only three people: myself, my wife and my daughter,” Maphosa said.

“It is amazing the Lord has been faithful and through His grace, the church is growing as many people are being added in the church as God is showing his powers to his people through testimonies.”

In an interview with The Standard Style, Maphosa narrated how he was called into the ministry in 2015 to be an apostle of God.

“I received the divine revelation to start the ministry, the work of the Heavenly Father, to seek and save lost souls in April 2015. I am a disciple of Prophet TB Joshua, he is my mentor, my teacher and motivator. We submit under his anointing. The Lord called me into the ministry in 2015 to be an instrument in his hand through our Lord Jesus Christ,” he said.

Maposa said he wanted to be a chartered accountant, such that at first he did not accept the calling, but God showed His Godliness in a mighty way as he later submitted to the demand.

“If God calls you to do His work, you cannot resist His voice as there will be a driving force you cannot resist that will cause you to change your thoughts, actions and locations. If God gives you a vision and this is resisted by men, stay true to your vision and purpose despite snow or rain because in due time everything will issue out in beauty and glory,” he said.

“Everyone has a calling. if you follow the direction of your calling, you will surprise yourself, astonish yourself and make the difference in your world.”

Among the miracles said to have been performed by the Lord through Maposa during the healing and deliverance services was the resurrection of a woman, restoration of eyesight for man who was blind for about 11 years, the curing of a 13-year-old boy who was HIV-positive and the termination of a 14-year barrenness.

It is due to such miracles performed by Maposa that the church has attracted an influx of people from as far as Australia, Botswana, India and the United Kingdom, who are coming to seek deliverance at Grace Abound Church.

“We at Grace Abound Church, we are not miracle workers, but we introduce people to the miracle worker, who is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, son of the living God,” he said.

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