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Album is my life story: Takura

Trap star Takura has likened his latest debut album, someone had to do it (SHTDi) to his wedding, saying it is a do-or-die for him and a medium to tell his life story.

By Sindiso Dube

SHTDi is the rapper’s debut album after making an impact on arrival on the hip-hop scene last year with his extended play (EP) Stripped, which carried hits such as Zino Irema, MaObama, Mungandidii, Nagative Energy and Ndaizvigona Sei.

Takura worked with five producers to come up with 18 tracks on the project.

“I am a perfectionist who believes in cooking nothing, but good stuff. I have always been sceptical of albums and never believed in dropping an album, which won’t be of good quality. Now that I have decided to do an album, I believe it’s good and straight from my heart,” he told The Standard Style.

“This album is like my wedding day. If you ask a woman what her wedding day was like, that’s how I am feeling. I am happy, it’s the best day[s] of my life and the day I finally say I have made it. I can’t wait to share the music with everyone.”

The Zino Irema hitmaker said he had to settle for 18 tracks, but had more material to put on the album.

“I work a lot and record a lot. I had more than the 18 tracks that I settled for and some of the tracks will follow up on the next projects. I am a vocalist and the more I record, the more I get better. The album is trap music, but more mature,” he said.

Tracks to look out for on the album include Takabva PaJecha, which features Jnr Brown, Ita Yaunoita, Munondiziva wani and Chururuka, among others.

“It’s an honour working with Takura, he is a hard worker and people should look out for the new project, as well as a rising career [Takura],” Jnr Brown said.

The album also coincides with Takura’s launch of his clothing line Takura Life, in which he has partnered with fashion house Kidd Hunta.

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