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Ginimbi usurps music promotion throne

All good things come to an end and promoters 2 Kings Entertainment may have become a living testimony to this old saying. The once collossal and popular entertainment masters must still be wondering what magic businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure invoked to bring Afro-pop sensation Davido to Zimbabwe when they tried twice and failed on both occasions.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Before the showy money-maker signalled interest, 2 Kings had enjoyed the monopoly of bringing all the hot foreign acts into the country. This monopoly got adent last year when the Nigerian wonder boy Davido failed to land for two scheduled events that 2 Kings had advertised. The promoter appeared clueless on how to make the second Davido performance in Zimbabwe a reality. The Nigerian star had been here in August 2015 when he performed at Belgravia Sports Club.

The giant promoters may never be able to convincingly explain what went wrong despite insisting they paid a staggering figure believed to range between $50 000 and $100 000 for Davido’s services.

However, Davido’s arrival for his local version of the ongoing 30 Billion Concert world tour last Thursday morning heralded a new era in local show business, with Ginimbi the promising new captain of the ship.

At Robert Gabriel Mugabe Airport, 2 Kings representative Tich Mharadze appeared indifferent, but as part of the team that brought the artiste to the country it must have been refreshing for him to finally see the globetrotting musician fulfilling this assignment.

But make no mistake, it took Ginimbi to have Davido finally land in Harare for yesterday’s show.

“I told Ginimbi that I really wanted to come and he said he was going to bring me down. I knew that I had to make it here, so if I left two days earlier. I would make it to the show on Saturday [yesterday],” Davido said soon after landing last Thursday.

Born David Adedeji Adeleke, Davido’s last performance in Zimbabwe was in 2015 when he entertained a packed Belgravia Sports Club, courtesy of retired promoter Patson “Chipaz” Chimbodza who at that time flew out of the country to bring him.

“We need people to attend this show everyone was waiting for. people were left thirsty last time, but finally Davido is in town and he came in three days before the show.

Honestly he is very sorry for letting Zimbabweans down the last time,” Ginimbi told journalists soon after the Fia hit-singer touched down.

Not to be left out was Jah Prayzah, who for long had relished a chance to stage My Lily locally with Davido after two false starts.

“I have more songs that I did back then and I have a song with my brother Jah too, so we are going to do that,” said Davido.

Unlike the last visit , where he came only with a disc jockety, this time the Nigerian singer brought his band.

And if Ginimbi’s word should be taken at face value, then an all-white party with the rich and famous is also in the offing. According to Ginimbi, people were falling over each other to earn a spot in the exorbitantly priced VVIP section whose prices ranged from $1 000 to $2 000.

“We are running out of tables. they have been sold out because everyone wants to be part of us so you know the story,” he gloated.

Yet, if it be the case that he is entering the music promotion space full-time, then revellers should brace for both top-notch foreign acts and a sky-high pricing regime.

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