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Prophet Paul introduces ‘pool of deliverance’

New Revelation Ministries founder Prophet Miracle Paul of the famous Abraham’s Tent has launched a “pool of deliverance” called Dziva Reruponeso.


This comes on the backdrop of the Abrahams Tent sessions, which have proved popular with the congregants.

Dziva Reruponeso is an artificial divided pool of water with one side having warm water and the other with cold water. The pool was launched soon after Easter during one of Prophet Paul’s services at Unit L in Chitungwiza.

In an interview, with The Standard Style, the preacher said the different temperatures showed the presence of the living God in the pool.

“Today’s service was just to demonstrate how God is healing and delivering people through this medium. As you saw, demons were manifesting and people were being healed,” Prophet Paul said.

“God spoke to me while I was reading 2 King verse 10 on the story of Naaman and Elisha. Naaman was an army commander, but he had leprosy when he went to the servant of God — Elisha — seeking prayers for healing, Elisha told him to wash himself seven times in the river Jordan so that his flesh would be restored and that he might be cleansed. The army commander was angry because he was expecting Elisha to call upon the name of the Lord and pray for his body in contact. However, when he washed himself seven times as he was told, he came out healed and with a youthful look.

“The Spirit of the Lord told me to make an artificial pool where he will release his power for healing, deliverance and breakthroughs.”

He said the first season of Dziva Reruponeso sessions would be next Sunday.

At last week’s church service, hundreds of congregants queued to dip their their hands in the pool in order to be healed.

Some of the miracles that have been witnessed at New Revelations Ministries include a dove that landed on the preacher’s pulpit while he was preaching at Magamba Hall in Warren Park 1 in Harare.

Last year in winter Prophet Paul ordered a frozen plastic bottle of water and boiled it using a plastic chair. The Prophet said these miracles to show the presence of the living God in the pool.

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