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Ginimbi party: The good and ugly

Last week’s 30 Billion Concert hosted by flamboyant businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure had tongues wagging prior to the event and after.

By Sindiso Dube

Well, there is no Ginimbi party that goes without people and the media talking about it, for the good and the bad.

As expected, it was a long night of glitz and glamour and as the first time music promoter Ginimbi did well to bring the flashy lifestyle synonymous with his annual all-white parties.

It was a big spender’s fête, with the VVIP section tickets costing $1 000 and $2 000. After purchasing the ticket, one had the privilege of bringing along three guests and get alcohol to the equivalent of the amount paid at the entrance. On top of that you, would have your personal waiter or waitress.

The Who is Who, including Pokello, Stunner, Cal_Vin, Tazvi Mhaka, as well as Simba Chikore and his wife Bona, were in the midst of the big spenders.

Davido, who had been labelled “bad boy” by Zimbabwean fans after failing to make it for two scheduled gigs last year, finally came and performed.

Davido’s act was well-polished unlike the last time when he performed in the country where he put up a lukewarm 45-minute show. This time around, he brought his band and stretched his performance for two hours. Fans literally ate from Davido’s hand, belting out hit after hit, leading the audience into frenzied moments.

The memorable moment was when Jah Prayzah joined the Naija star on stage to perform their duet My Lily for the first time in Jah Prayzah’s backyard, something that had failed to happen twice last year. As expected, their joint performance was out of this world.

Local acts also came in and impressed. Jah Prayzah showed why he is highly-rated in Zimbabwe with a splendid performance backed by his Third Generation band.

ExQ also did well with his old tracks and his recent hit Tsvigiri off his Tseu Tseu album.

Killer T came in just after the Nigerian’s performance and he didn’t dampen the mood that had been set by Davido. He belted out songs from way back which affirmed his rise to stardom and also his latest tracks.

Boity, who was flown in from South Africa to host the VVIP party, did not disappoint either. The saucy TV personality and actress was a marvel to watch as she flaunted her curves in a skimpy white outfit.

It seems fights were the order of the night, as bouncers from a Bulawayo-based security company were embroilled in a nasty fight with a group of heavily-built bouncers who demanded to be admitted into the show for free. The fight saw some members of the public taking advantage of the fracas to gain free access.

During Davido’s performance, an employee from a security company got into an altercation with one of the patrons, leading him to react in an irresponsible manner by unleashing pepper spray which affected hundreds of people.

Unnecessary fights also dominated in the VVIP arena with different groups of patrons going at each other for unclear reasons.

The organisers of the event had a mix-up of entry tags. They made a 11th hour change after spending the day issuing all access tags to stakeholders. The all-access tags were changed to ordinary tags, a shocking move that saw many returning home in disappointment.

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