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Busha hits campaign trail

South African-based businessman Joseph Busha has hit the campaign trail, expressing confidence that his FreeZim Congress will give mainstream parties a good run for their money in the forthcoming elections.


Busha started holding meetings with grassroots structures on Friday beginning in Beitbridge and covered areas such as Makhado, Gwanda, Filabusi.

Yesterday he was in Bulawayo where he visited markets and engaged in door-to-door campaigns.

Busha met the elderly, youths and women to whom he explained his policies and fielded questions.

“The first thing is to have the views from the people because they know their situations and what they want and their difficulties.

“So the best thing is to engage with the people, assess the situation and how they are feeling on the ground,” he said in an interview yesterday.

“The exercise was for me to engage with the people who are going to vote and engage with the aspiring councillors and the aspiring MPs.

“This is the very first exercise before we even think of rallies. We need to say how ready are the people and how prepared are we for the change that you are bringing.”

Busha said he was confident his party would do well in the elections expected between July and August.

“As FreeZim Congress, we are very confident. If we get the right people on the ground, engaging the people and listening to them, then definitely we are going to win the elections,” he said.
“We might not win all the constituencies, but we must make sure we win the presidency because that is where the real leadership begins.

“It is said fish rots from the head and everything else becomes a problem.

“My biggest problem in Zimbabwe is leadership at national level and once we are able to change that, Zimbabwe will blossom again.”

Busha said once elected, he would cancel the presidential scholarship scheme as it was only benefiting a few at the expense of the majority.

He said Zimbabwe’s problems needed long-lasting solutions, not hand-to-mouth ad hoc solutions.

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