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Musicians form association to fight HIV

Scores of Midlands province musicians and artistes from various other genres have formed an association aimed at fighting HIV and Aids.

By Sandra Maricho in Gweru

Dubbed Artistes Against HIV and Aids Association, the group seeks to reduce stigmatisation of people with HIV and Aids, as well as reduce new infections among celebrities.

Chairperson of the association, Moses Chirara, said the grouping was formed after a realisation that artistes faced high risks of contracting HIV due to various reasons. He singled out mobility from one place to the other and popularity leading to multiple sexual partners as some of the reasons that placed artistes at high risk of contracting HIV.

Recently the association held a clean-up campaign in Gweru with the aim of reaching out to the populace so that its goals can get support.

“The clean-up campaign is one of the ways that we are using to try to make people help us to end new HIV infections among artistes and to have members of the public stop the habit of stigmatising artistes who are living with Aids,” said Chirara.

National Aids Council district coordinator for Gweru, Murari Hwingiri applauded the artistes for forming the association and making active contributions to protect their colleagues from the pandemic.

“It’s a welcome development and we urge artistes in other cities to follow suit. “The fight against HIV should be an all-stakeholders task so this development is great,” he said.

Many artistes have died from HIV and Aids while others suspected of having contracted the virus have been stigmatised.

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