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All set for Macheso mega album launch

For all his achievements and the remarkable trends he has set in music circles, Alick Macheso remains humble — a virtue that many celebrities quickly lose once success comes their way.

By Takemore Mazuruse

His level of humility and continued connection with the fans has helped him weather every storm and this explains why he commands unparalleled influence and reach in Zimbabwe.

With a few days remaining before he unleashes his 11th album, Macheso reckons his music will do the talking and that the fans will be the judges.

“I have given it my all and I believe being a loudmouth will do injustice to the time and effort I have invested in this project,” he said.

True to Macheso’s assertion, the wizardry showcased by his instrumentalists on virtually all the songs demonstrates unparalleled class and dexterity.

“Just like a football team that needs proper rebuilding after some institutional setbacks, we have become the Orchestra Mberikwazvo of old with the ‘new’ guys,” Macheso said.

“The return of Noel Nyazanda has brought some remarkable ingenuity to the group.”

The forthcoming project titled Dzinosvitsa Kure — a six-track album — is laden with potential chart busters and the sungura king believes fans will be spoilt for choice when it hits the streets this week.

“While the norm is that every album carries specific potential hits, the truth is Dzinosvitsa Kure is full of surprises,” he said.

Songs to look forward to on the album, include Kudzwayi and Ndakakutadzirei.

Other tracks on the album are Chikuru Kurarama, Pfuma Yacho, Madzitete and Vane Zvavanoda.

“I can’t tip any particular one for success. The fans will do the judging. Chedu kubvonga, vatereri vodudzira, [We are only there to produce the music, it’s up to the fans to judge and choose the best],” he said.

Quizzed on whether he was under pressure seeing there are many artistes who have risen to command some influence in the local arts industry, Macheso said: “I am a perfectionist who believes in giving it my all and I believe that coupled with the input from my fans and critics has helped me produce a product good enough to whet the appetite of every genuine music lover.

“With regard to what some call competition from rising artistes, I strongly believe an artiste of my age and stature is beyond all that.

“It’s good to see the new generation making some remarkable strides and as a grandfather both literally and in context, I am actually happy for them and I am available to give them guidance.”

The crooner emphasised that fans should hold their breath as he was bringing a refreshing sound that would speak volumes about his musical journey and career focus moving forward.

“It’s just a few days to go and all music followers must brace for the rich, original and undiluted sungura sound,” he said.

Orchestra Mberikwazvo manager Lucky Macheso said they had adequately prepared for the launch.

“The album will hit the streets on June 6, so that we allow fans to take the music in before the launch on June 8 at Aquatic Complex in Chitungwiza,” he said.
“The band has been rehearsing and the confidence in the team is electrifying. We expect to perform all songs at the launch event.”

No hitches are expected as the countdown to the launch continues. The actual duplication of the CDs is in progress and Macheso’s camp expects to be done in time before June 8.

“We are doing all we can to ensure our fans get a genuine product before the pirates shortchange them with counterfeit ones,” Macheso publicist Tich Makahamadze said.

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