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Lipsy reveals origins of stage name

Many might be wondering how dancehall sensation Ninja Lipsy — real name Tendazvaitwa Chitimbe — got her stage name. well, the bubbly artiste revealed the origins of her monicker to Standardstyle.

By Sindiso Dube

The Highfield-born and bred artist said top performer Winky D gave her the first monicker, Ninja, and the last comes from the looks of her lips.

“My name ‘Ninja Lipsy’ comes from two different backgrounds. “The Ninja part, I was given by Winky D when I was under his Vigilant Music stable during the early days of my career when I featured in Taitirana pa first sight. Winky D just said your name should have a ‘Ninja’ so I could appeal to the Ninja family.

“The Lipsy part of my name, which is more like my last name, comes from the nature of my lips, “I have thick lips and I love taking care of my lips. My lips are one of my favourite body parts,” she said.

Ninja Lipsy also revealed that she was a professional make-up artiste.

“Besides music, I do make-up for many artistes. I have done make-up for Juwela’s video shoots and also my videos. I started doing make-up three years ago, but only got to do it on a serious basis last year in November.

“I was introduced to make-up by Jackie Mugido, she taught me everything I know now. Even the make-up kits I use are her brands (Jackie Mugido Cosmetics formerly Vault Cosmetics). I actually struggle to use other brands, which are not hers. I salute her.”

“Make-up is an art but many men think if one puts on make-up they are trying to conceal their ugly features, but that’s not it. “Make-up is beautiful and it’s an art to beautify a woman. My advice to women is don’t tell anyone not to put make-up.”

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