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God gives me the strength to keep on pushing: Mukaro

GOSPEL musician Tafadzwa Mukaro (pictured) is fast becoming a force to reckon with on the competitive local gospel scene. In the showbiz world, one has to toil in the studio for years before they can be recognised enough to receive reasonable airplay.

With Winston Antonio

Mukaro says that composing music was not easy especially in the early years of her career, but she has since mastered the art through experience with her Faith Movers band. She says this has presented her with an opportunity to explore and discover herself as a serious and dedicated gospel artiste ready to minister through music.

The Standard Style reporter, Winstone Antonio (WA), caught up with the musician (TM), who spoke on her musical journey.

WA: From the day you released your first song, to your debut six-track album Mwari Anesu in 2014, how has been your musical journey?

TM: I am pleased that I am settling well in this music industry. It has been a great journey of self-discovery and growth, of which I am thankful to God. I have also had the opportunity of working with different producers who have added value to my appreciation of music. I continue to strive to grow in music and also spirituality as a Christian. I have big dreams and I thank the Almighty, as he keeps revitalising my energy towards my calling to minister the word of God through music. I am thankful of where the Lord has taken me

WA: When you started, your songs were mainly in Shona, why the change to English?

TM:8 I enjoy singing in Shona and will continue to do so. However, I really want the message of the goodness of God to reach all people not only Zimbabweans, so non-Shona speakers will be able to understand the music as well.

WA: What inspires your compositions?

TM: My compositions are inspired by the word of God and are found in the Bible. I thank God for the gift of composing songs. The Lord impresses messages onto my heart to share with others and always the songs minister to me first before I share with everyone else. I also compose songs from the inspiration of my personal experiences and then share so as to strengthen and inspire others.

WA: You are a mother, you are into music and also go to work, how do you balance that?

TM: It is not easy being into music and going to work. Many times the roles clash and I have to do a balancing act to make it. I thank the grace of God because he gave me a partner in life, my husband, who has stood by me from the beginning of the first album until today. He helps me create the balance that is needed by running around organising everything. I believe also that singing gospel music is a calling so God enables me to balance everything because I could not have done it on my own.

WA: Your husband is your manager, how is the experience?

TM: It is great to have my husband as a manager as it has drawn us closer together in a partnership of driving not only the music part of it, but also our spiritual growth.

WA: You have dropped a new single, what is it about?
TM: My latest single is called The Holy Spirit and it was recorded at Vialy Studios. The song is a plea to the Holy Spirit to lead our way in life. He is there to make the way straight and also it expresses how God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus take away our fear to become our peace and joy

WA: Powerful, what inspired you to write a song with such a message?

TM: Sometimes life becomes hard such that you can cry the whole night because of life’s pressures. This is a song I wrote to give hope to someone that joy comes every morning. The Holy Spirit goes ahead of you to make ways straight, to give hope that he takes away our pain and replaces it with peace.

WA: The song has an accompanying video, who shot it and tell us about it?

TM: The video was produced and directed by Simba Gee. I am very excited about the video. It was shot in a location that is so beautiful and expresses the power of God in nature creation. God is the master of creations. It expresses that the Holy Spirit brings peace in our entire situation and brings an inexplicable beauty that only the presence of God gives.

WA: The video is already on YouTube, how is the response?
TM: The response for the song and the video has been overwhelming. It is encouraging to note that some people find the song inspiring and life-changing. Because of social media, I am getting feedback from people from other nationalities that they like my type of singing and the message in my songs

WA: What about shows. Are you doing live concerts?

TM: Yes, I am now actively doing shows, with other artistes and also at church conferences and weddings. My band, Faith Movers, have grown with me from when I started up to the present day.

WA: What is your view on the state of gospel music in Zimbabwe?

TM: Gospel music is evolving in an electrifying way. The level of quality of praise and worship songs being composed is impressive and it’s encouraging to note more and more gospel artistes are emerging every day. There is need to have as many ministers as there are souls to be saved before the second coming of Christ.

WA: What is in store for your fans this year?

TM: This year I promise my fans an album, new songs and good quality videos. I will also increase my activity on live shows and engage my fans more on social media

WA: Your advice to upcoming artistes?

TM: Young upcoming artistes, this is not an easy journey as it has its high and lows, but it’s a beautiful ride if you let God be the driver of your destiny. Don’t feel discouraged if your expectations are delayed, but trust and thank Him because He knows the plans He has for you. In the fullness of time, He will make it beautiful.

WA: Thank you for your time.

TM: My pleasure and God bless you.

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