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Prince K attends top UK music festivals

Afro-jazz sensation Prince Kudakwashe Musarurwa, aka Prince K (pictured above), is in the United Kingdom where he is taking part at some of that country’s biggest festivals — the Ethno England Music Camp and Tandem Festival.

By Staff Reporter

The Runonzi Rudo singer confirmed his participation at the festivals to The Standard Style last week.

“I was invited to take part at the Ethno England Music Camp currently happening here as well as the Tandem Festival,” he said.

“This is a great opportunity for me to enrich my sound as I am preparing to release my new album Nyamasase. Last year I was in in the United States where I performed with jazz legend Leopoldo Fleming, a percussionist who played music with jazz veterans such as Nina Simone, Angelique Kidgo and the late Miriam Makeba.”

Prince K, who is a grandson of the late great August Machona Musarurwa, popularly known for the 1950s international hit Skokiaan [also known as Skokiyana], believes his grandfather’s spirit is rising.

““Afro-jazz is in my blood and that is the genre, which is steeped in my family roots. My grandfather composed Skokiaan and it went viral, but he never got a chance to tour the world although his music was played all over the world,” he said.

“I think my grandfather wanted to go and play his music where it was loved and I now believe he is with me and is leading me where he wanted to play his music.”

Famed for the song Runonzi Rudo, a track he did with his niece PaChihera, Prince K said he was faring well on the international stage.

“Last year I collaborated with Key Ingredients, an African soul band based in Arizona, US and we performed at a gig at Tucson Monterey Court. When we played Skokiaan everyone went wild and this shows how popular the song is in the US,” he said.

The young artiste said the Ethno England Music Camp and Tandem Festival would help him develop as a musician.

“I am happy to be part of Ethno England 2018. We are doing music workshops and it is helping me a lot. Tandem festival starts this week and I will perform with Ethiopian artistes,” he said.

Prince K believes he still has much to offer to the society that moulded him to be the star that he is today.

“I’d like to believe that in five years’ time, my music will have transformed my life and that of others. My music has lessons which are drawn from different life experiences. I hope people will learn a lot from what I sing,” he said.

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