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I’m on a mission, says Prophet Mawoyo

Highfield-based founder of Christ in Action International Ministries Trevor Mawoyo, who made headlines after claiming to restore sight among other miracles, says he is on a mission to preach the gospel to all corners of the world. Mawoyo has drawn huge crowds not only in neighbouring countries such as South Africa, but has taken his crusades to Asian countries like India, Hong Kong and China where he has been able to open branches for his ministry. The Standard Style reporter Stephen Chadenga (SC) spoke to Mawoyo (TM) about his religious journey and the challenges associated with choosing such a path.

Below are excerpts from the interview.

SC: Who is Trevor Mawoyo?

TM: Trevor Mawoyo is a young man born and raised in Highfield. I attended Lord Malvern High School. I am a humble and loving person with a passion for pursuing God’s calling and my hobbies include basketball and table tennis. I am on a mission to uplift the hopeless and poor in spirit through the gospel.

SC: When growing up, did you ever imagine you would be a pastor?

TM: As I was growing up and at the ages of eight and nine to be precise, I would watch 700 Club and other gospel programmes on television and this inspired me to the gospel calling. My first encounter with deliverance was when I was at Hartzell Primary School when a Zaoga member, Brother Bothwell, who was in Lower Sixth, mentored me.

SC: Do you have mentors or spiritual fathers?

TM: Yes, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and Apostle Pride Sibiya, but my spiritual father is Prophet Blessing Samuel Chizah.

SC: What are the difficulties you face in your ministry and how do you handle such challenges?

TM: Criticism and people having personal differences. You have to find common ground among these people and reconcile them. Challenges of vision are in every ministry, but God makes us overcome such hurdles.

SC: Many Pentecostal churches have been accused of siphoning huge amounts of money from believers. What is your response?

TM: Oh! Well, these are the thoughts of the poor. I believe Jesus was never poor and his apostles as mentioned in Acts 4 and 5 were being blessed with houses and stands, among other blessings.

You have to give to God to get many blessings. There are many people who are leaving huge sums of money at sangomas [witchdoctors] and beerhalls. A poor mindset always leaves $100 at the bar and never complains, but does so on behalf of believers who sacrifice $5 at church as part of offerings.

SC: How do you handle rumours directed at your person and your church?

TM: I keep walking tall and doing the work of my God. I follow the example of Jesus Christ and all that happened to Jesus shall happen to me. Every journey of a great man is accompanied by criticisms and attack. The strong will inherit the earth and the weak will inherit the yoke. My church and ministry support me and stand by me as we move through this religious journey.

SC: What makes you angry?

TM: When I see people criticising miracles and fight against God’s ways, I spiritually get angry. It’s so sad that these are the same people who need the prophecies, healing and deliverance yet they criticise what they need.

SC: Tell us about your marital life?

TM: I am not married, but I am in a most loving relationship with a woman I will marry one day.

SC: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

TM: My strengths are healing and prophecy and my weakness is that I am blinded by love such that I don’t see enemies around me.

SC: If you were to give advice to young pastors, what would you say to them?

TM: Stay true to the calling, don’t rush to the blessings before your character is sound to Christ. Be local to the calling and all the blessings and what you desire will follow you.

SC: Thank you for your time.

TM: You are welcome. God bless you.

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