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I am on King Status: BlacPerl

After enjoying the mantle of “Queen of Zim hip-hop” for some time, award-winning BlacPerl has broken her sabbatical with a new song titled King Status in which she takes a dig at fellow female rappers.

By Sindiso Dube

Kikky Bada$$, Trae Yung, Natasha Muz, Temple [formerly Blac bird] and Zizzy Azzazzi are part of a group of female rappers vying for the title of “Queen of Zim hip-hop”. In the new song, BlacPerl says that she is no longer in the same league with other female rappers and prefers to be ranked among the top male rappers where she feels she belongs.
“King Status is a state of mind. It’s me stating the facts that I have been a queen before and I appreciate that,” she said.

“However, I came into this rap game via the cypher/battle
route and that’s the truest essence of hip-hop. It’s the art that got me the queen status, I took some time off and now the game in the female playground is sad.

“The art is now secondary to a lady having to flaunt their body for attention before the art. I am skilled so I decided that I don’t need to be part of that league, hence King Status.”

The self-proclaimed “King” said her two year-long musical hiatus was for self-introspection.

“It was a soul-searching process. I left the game when I was on top because I needed something extra,” she said.

“I am back here and with everything I garnered, I have more to give since I don’t want to take much from this game, but to give more, which is the difference between me and the other rappers.”

The rapper is set to release a joint extended play [EP] with stablemate Noble Stylz tittled Zero Gravity.

“We were known as Masofa Panze for a long time and after all the awards and the moves we have achieved, we are rebranding to Zero Gravity, which is something greater,” she said.

“After our joint EP, myself and Noble Stylz will drop our respective sophomore album, that’s three solid projects in 2018. I, however, beat him to it because I am now on my King status already,” Blacperl said.

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