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Macheso charms Siakobvu

Firebrand sungura musician and Zimbabwe Red Cross Society (ZRCS) humanitarian ambassador Alick Macheso, buoyed by the success of his latest album Dzinosvitsa Kure, left Siakobvu spellbound with an electrifying performance that had traditional leaders and villagers taking turns to shower him with presents.

By Style Correspondent

Macheso, who was performing at an open-for-all event to celebrate the success of ZRCS programmes in Kariba district, charmed many with his guitar-playing antics and powerful renditions of his past and present hits.

“Macheso is our son. This is not the first time we are seeing him perform in Siakobvu. He is a true music champion and is one of the few if not the only big musician to perform here,” said Chief Nebiri.

True to his style, Macheso dazzled as he played the bass guitar.

Though the sungura star could not play until late into the night as requested, he gave Siakobvu residents a taste of the real sungura sound as he belted hit after hit with unmistakable dexterity.

With his backing group high on confidence and his trusted chanter Jonas Kasamba in tow, Macheso was at his usual best and his now almost religious Ayaaaaaya chant would send the crowd into a frenzy each time he bellowed it.

Kariba district administrator Witness Kufa thanked ZRCS for their community development programmes and the edutainment drive through their humanitarian ambassador.

“Macheso is colossal and we are happy that beyond their developmental programmes, ZRCS has also brought Macheso to entertain the people while disseminating key disaster risk reduction messages.

“There is no better way to capture human imagination than through such organised and thought through humanitarian programming.”

From the time he set foot on stage, Macheso demonstrated why he is one of the most respected live performers in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Choreography, vocals, guitar work and sound were all on point regardless of the fact that this was a free show.
“Music is my life and whenever I get a chance to perform I always give it my all regardless of the time and setting,” Macheso told The Standard Style.

Led by their leaders Chief Nebiri, Chief Negande and Chief Musambakaruma, locals showed their love and appreciation for Macheo by giving him presents, mainly goats, on stage.

“When we talk of the band receiving goats during live performances some think it’s make-believe, but this is what happens whenever we perform especially in outlying areas. Urbanites have their way of showing appreciation as well,” Macheso said.

The sungura giant is on a nationwide tour promoting his new album Dzinosvitsa Kure, which has been largely well received by the market.

ZRCS secretary-general Maxwell Phiri said Macheso was playing a key role in Red Cross work through amplifying the voice of the disadvantaged and victims of natural and man-made disasters.

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