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It’s dream come true for Ruva

An old adage dictates that cleanliness is next to Godliness and this could be one of the reasons everyone wants to stay in a clean environment.

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Twenty-three-year-old model, Ruvarashe Mukuu, has taken it seriously and literally. She now leads clean-up campaigns in the city of Masvingo under the banner of Clean Projects and Green Movement seminars.

Mukuu was recently crowned Miss Tourism Masvingo First Princess.

“We want to have a clean Masvingo that attracts more tourists,” she told The Standard Style.

“I will lead these campaigns through the Clean Projects and Green Movement seminars, including educating the public on protecting the environment so that visitors love the city of Masvingo.”

Mukuu, a final year Human Resources Management student at Great Zimbabwe University (GZU), said she was taking modelling to another level.

“When I complete my studies in November, l shall take up modelling as a full-time career and move to greater heights,” she said.

She said modelling had given her a wider platform and representing Masvingo at the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe finals to be held in September in Bulawayo was a huge step for her.

“Being the first princess means a lot to me since it allows me to explore what l always wanted to achieve,” she said.

“I chose to be part of the modelling industry because of passion and it gives me a sense of achievement and fulfilment. Modelling gives me a platform of widening my social horizon and understanding of people.

“I think my modelling career started when l was in my mother’s womb since it is something deep inside of me.

“During my early childhood, especially at pre-school, I was already modelling and won a number of pageants.”

Mukuu said she never gave up pursuing her passion resulting in her winning a number of beauty accolades.

“My passion grew stronger when l reached high school and l was crowned Miss Nagle House Girls High [Marondera] in 2012 and l carried on with my journey when l went for tertiary education,” she said.

The gorgeous model has won several titles, including the Miss GZU First Princess in 2015, Miss Independence Masvingo Queen 2016, Miss Dzimbahwe, Miss ZimGold Mashonaland Central and First Princess in 2014.

Mukuu, was born in a family of four and is the last born. She describes her mother as her pillar of strength. She loves dancing, reading, travelling and to interact with new people.

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