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Jabavu to drop new album after 14 years

POPULAR jazz outfit Jabavu Drive is working on a new album after a lengthy absence from the studio having last recorded in 2014, band leader Phillip Svosve told The Standard Style last week.

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Svosve said the band was working on at least seven songs that would make up a great album set to serenade their fans who have been starved of new productions from the band.

“We are meticulously working on a new album to satisfy the thirst of our fans since we last recorded in 2014,” he said.

“We are taking our time to produce a master class product, but we are not yet in a position to disclose the date of its release onto the market.

“All I can say is that it’s coming out soon so our local and other fans spread across the globe will enjoy it.”

He said he was not yet prepared to divulge more details about the album including its title.

The Jabavu leader said this during an interview last Sunday at Sherwood Golf Club in Mabelreign, where the band has been staging shows on Sundays for more than a month.

“I am very happy here, look at the mature and multiracial crowd that has braved this chilly weather to enjoy our music,” he said.

“We have been holding shows at this renovated place for the last month and the crowds are growing.”

Jabavu enthralled the fans who braved the chilly weather and were warmed up by the exquisite performance of some of the country’s most talented and consistent jazz musicians, including Svosve (tenor saxophone and vocals), Aaron Yafele (trombone and vocals), Nicholas Mugona (bass guitar), Kudzi Makaya (drums), Moses Mwale (keyboards), Rudo Musiwacho (vocals), Kuda Arineshito (lead guitar) and Dumisani Dzapasi (vocals).

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