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Hats off to gospel star Roe Makawa

IT’S hats off to Gwanda-born gospel songstress Rorisang “Roe” Makawa, who has produced her debut single Bayethe (Oh! Hail) adding to an awesome music career where she has released four successful albums.

Makawa has released two singles in quick succession, Reboka Jesu late last year and Ngizohamba Nawe early this year.

The collaborative projects entered the gospel music charts soon after release.

Born Rorisang Ncube, she launched her debut album Bayethe in Domboshawa in 2015.

It included the song from her debut single, with the mbaqanga beat being her primary genre.

Makawa told The Standard Style last week that the song was testimony of her miraculous healing of fibroids, which arose from her passion for worshipping the Almighty God.

“In 2014 I fell sick and went to see the doctor and was taken for a scan.

“They found out I had fibroids.

I was told to come back after six months so that they would monitor the situation and book me for an operation,” she said.

“I prayed to God that I didn’t want an operation.

My apostle Petunia Chiriseri [His Presence Ministries International] prayed for me that they [fibroids] melt.

“One day when we were in a leadership all-night training session in our church, the presence of God was intense in that place and a word said ‘I see fibroids melting’ and I knew that was for me.

“When I went home I started to sing ‘udumo ngolwakho, nenkazimulo, ubungcwele ngobakho Jesu’ meaning praises, glory and holiness belongs to you and I did understand why I sang those words.

“The following week I went back for a second scan for the six months were due.

They could not see anything and the doctor just said go home God has miraculously healed you.

“Then I had to understand why I sang those words, my spirit was already celebrating my healing before I knew it.

That’s how I recorded my first single Bayethe (Oh! Hail) as a testimony of my healing.”

Makawa started singing at the age of 10 in the Assemblies of God Church choir and later moved on to being the music director at His Presence Ministries International church in 2010.

She kicked off her studio recordings with a His Musik collaboration that included Sebastian Magacha and Wellington Kwenda where they produced a single titled Hatidi in 2010.

When His Musik produced their second album in 2014 called Towdah, Makawa composed and sang Ebenezer, which featured her traditional mbaqanga flavour.

To date she has done four albums, namely Bayethe (2016), Ulerato (2017), Sebawothe (2017) and Kuphelele (2018).

Her fourth album Kuphelele was released in June this year.

Away from gospel music, Makawa conducts cooking and sewing lessons and has featured on Radio Zimbabwe’s Mukadzi Wanhasi programme discussing cooking and recipes.

She is grateful for the support that she receives from her husband Helmore Makawa, who also acts as her manager as well as her children who are part of her band.

“My husband is my manager while my son Arorisoe is the one who plays the bass guitar for me,” she said.

“Abokoe and Atumisoe — my two daughters — feature in all my albums, Bayethe with the song Kids Medley, Sebawothe with the song Apple of my eye, Ulerato with the song The Bible which is doing well on Venrap Radio in South Africa, and Kuphelele featured on the song Blow The Trumpet.

“I would like to say thank you for the overwhelming support to my fans.

I will be dropping a DVD album before the year ends.

And let’s continue together to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations.”

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