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The sky is the limit for Seku Bee

Local gospel singer Gabriel Gwini is moving forward, creating a name for himself. He released an album on Friday titled His Amazing.

Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Gwini — popularly known in music circles as Seku Bee — has his own record label — Laag Beats ‘n’ Vibez — which he founded in 2005.

The 38-year-old artiste has produced music for a number of artistes, including FB Jackson, Ngonie Kambarami, Trevor Dongo, Alexio Kawara, Shinso, Pastor Rusikira, Nole Zembe, Rumbi Zvirikuzhe and Simple Justie.

Gwini believes he is doing all he can to help upcoming artistes.

Our correspondent Sukuoluhle Ndlovu (SN) caught up with Gwini (GG) to get an insight into his career.

Below are excerpts from the interview.

SN: Tell us about yourself.

GG: I was born on July 6 in 1980 and I enrolled for my primary education at Marlborough and then proceeded to Kuwadzana in Harare for secondary education.

My music career started in 1996 with the group Mudsteppers and we recorded a hit single titled Marimba in 2000.

I am now a full-time music producer and artiste and a peer educator in my community.

I have a strong passion for uplifting and promoting the young talented youths in the music industry.

I have had a number of interviews on ZTV and local radio stations.

I have had interviews on YGT, and Teen Scene.

I produced a number of videos.

SN: What inspires your music?

GG: The inspiration comes from God.

He is the one who guides me in whatever I do.

So I owe, all my success to him.

SN: Who is your role model?

GG: R Kelly and Boyz II Men

SN: What are your achievements in music so far?

GG: When I see the other big artistes, I smile because I know that I played a role in their lives to reach where they are now.

SN: How many singles and albums have you released so far?

GG: In 2017, I released two hit songs, Tichasvika Chete [featuring Simon Mutambi] and Mighty God [featuring Amy] and other songs that did well on the market.

I have done three albums — I am saved, Takumbira Ishe and Seku Bee’s Singles.

Earlier on, I had recorded six secular albums where I collaborated with other artistes before I became born-again in 2015.

I committed myself to the Lord’s work and started singing gospel music.

SN: Have you ever done collaborations with well-known local artistes?

GG: I have collaborated with Noel Zembe, Simon Mutambi, Trevor Dongo, Ngonie Kambarami, Alexio Kawara, Shinso and Dobba Don.

SN: Have you ever done live shows in foreign countries?

GG: Not yet.

However, recently I had an interview on a UK radio station called Wfm.

It was about the shows that we are working on.

SN: You mentioned that you are now a full-time producer. Does that mean you are not singing anymore?

GG: Not really.

I did my fourth album titled His Amazing which was released on Friday.

SN: Besides music, what else are you into?

GG: I am a full-time musician and producer at my own studio.

SN: Which genre does your music fall into?

GG: I used to sing soul and R‘n’B, but since 2015 I diverted to gospel.

SN: What challenges are you facing in the music industry?

GG: No major challenges at the moment because I see God’s hand in whatever I do.

The sky is the limit.

SN: What is your advice to upcoming artistes?

GG: To upcoming musicians out there, I would like to say never give up, be serious.

It’s not all about being able to sing, but it is the effort you put in whatever you are doing.

SN: Have you ever had any live shows and shared the stage with other musicians?

GG: Of course, I shared the stage at Rufaro neNyasha Gospel Festival last year with Zim Praise and Mahendere Brothers [Sam and Michael].

There was another tour in Kariba where there was a gospel extravaganza and I shared the stage with Olinda Marowa and Mpostori Wency, among others.

SN: What do you enjoy doing during your spare time?

GG: I like travelling, reading and going to church.

I listen to different types of music.

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