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Mteki to quit music

African roots musician, sculptor-cum-businessman Bryn Taurai Mteki (pictured right), who is among 23 contestants vying for the presidency in elections scheduled for next week, says he will quit music to concentrate on politics.
Popularly known as Sekurutau, Mteki surprised all and sundry when he threw his hat into the ring for the July 30 presidential election as an Independent candidate.

By Moses Mugugunyeki

On Friday, the Nora hit maker told The Standard Style that he was shelving his music projects, but said would have to go ahead with international arts exhibitions that he was scheduled to attend.

“I have this itinerary of international arts, which was put in place before I made a decision to stand as a presidential candidate and I have to fulfil it even if I am voted president,” Mteki said.

“I have an exhibition in Bucharest, Romania, in September and another one in California, United States, and I will have to attend them. In December I will have to travel to Germany before returning to the US in Tennessee for other arts exhibitions.”

Mteki, who stayed for close to 16 years in Europe and the US doing topmost exhibitions, said arts was part of his life, but he would be compelled to suspend some of the projects due to the taxing job of the highest office.

“I had an album consisting one of the songs Rugare Rwauya that I was supposed to release and several other music projects in the pipeline, but I will have to suspend them for the next five years as I prepare for my life at State House,” Mteki said.

“I had a project coming alongside Koffi Olomide, but I have decided to shelve it as well.

The sculptor-cum businessman said he made the decision to join the presidential race after realising that party politics were damaging the development of the country.

“My way of doing things revolves around what I call economic freedom where I believe on inclusivity. I believe a country can move forward and develop without these political parties… why do we need Zanu PF and MDC Alliance to run a country when we have so many technocrats who can be organised to run the country?” Mteki said.

“I believe we need a ‘national team of politics’ where technocrats are incorporated into the government depending on their merit. If I am voted president, I will do away with these party politics and gather a group of people capable of serving this country.

“I will bring in Strive Masiyiwa [Econet founder] to run the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and retain people like Dr John Mangudya to work with him for the development of the country,” he said.

Sekurutau, who is the only Independent candidate vying for the presidential office among 23 other contenders, said he would do away with handouts, but would economically empower people according to their capability.

“What is the rationale in giving all people farming inputs? Are all citizens of Zimbabwe farmers?

“That is the reason why this country is broke because we just think of empowering people through handouts. Why don’t we look at what people are capable of doing and assist them accordingly?” he said.

“I don’t believe in black empowerment, but I think we need what we call people empowerment, which is not racially discriminatory. Inclusivity is the way to go and Zimbabwe needs all races to move forward. Sekurutau believes in a Rainbow Nation type of doing things where everyone is involved.”

Mteki said he was ready to work with anyone for the development of the country.

“I am winning this election for the people. I want to bring in people to run their country. I don’t think we need Zanu PF or MDC Alliance to move this country out of this quagmire,” he said.

“If I lose, I am also prepared to work with anyone who would have won as long as we serve the people of Zimbabwe. I am prepared to serve in whatever capacity.”

Mteki joins other artistes like Energy Mutodi, Elias Musakwa, Joshua Sacco and Nkululeko “Khulio” Nkala who have joined politics.

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