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Kanengoni grateful for support from fellow artistes

RISING gospel artiste Esther Kanengoni has bared her soul following the release of her debut album Gore Rekutenda having managed to overcome many challenges that face upcoming musicians, particularly those involving finances, to produce her material in her fledgling career.

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Kanengoni, who is committed to spreading the gospel through music, is visible both on and off the stage as she sings and partakes in most events involving other gospel artistes to uplift the genre in Zimbabwe, is full of praise for the support she has received from established gospel artistes.

She could not hide her joy to The Standard Style as she thanked the Lord for the recent release of her album, a nine-track offering, and also heaped praises for the assistance she has received from popular gospel musician Trymore Bande and producer Luckie Kaparautsi, among others.

“On my album Gore Rekutenda I was so humbled to work with Pastor Trymore Bande. He helped me so much to come up with that song Wenyasha and I encourage other gospel musicians out there to work together,” she said.

Kanengoni revealed that the first time she went to the studio to record she wanted to sing exactly like Carol Mujokoro, but thanks her producer Luckie Kaparautsi for giving her the courage to do her own things and work on her own brand name.

“Let’s help each other. Let’s have one love and unite together and to be willing to help those who are still upcoming artistes,” she said.

“My music is growing day-by-day with the help of some of the biggest artistes in Zimbabwe, including Bethany Pasinawako-Ngolomi, Reverend Togarepi Chivaviro, Mathius Mhere, Pastor Tinashe Murigo, Pastor Olinda Marowa, Rumbie Zvirikuzhe and Sandra Chirenje.

“These artistes are helping me to rise up and I am so humbled by the fact that God has helped me to connect with them.
“I would like to thank the Lord for His grace and favour as my album was received so well among different people out there.
“I have been to radio stations for interviews and the response from people out there is so amazing. They are calling and texting me from all four corners of the world and the comments are so encouraging.”

The album title track Gore Rekutenda is based on Zaoga’s theme which is the Year of Thanking God, Kanengoni said.
“In the track Gore Rekutenda, I encourage everyone out there to be grateful for what the Lord does for us. Some of us we don’t give ourselves the time to thank the Lord for everything that He gives to us,” she said.

“We are in the habit of going before the Lord to ask for things. We are not content with what God has given us. So my message is that let’s learn to thank God even if we think He has not done anything for us because just to be alive today is the greatest miracle.”

Kanengoni, who has been releasing singles only due to lack of finances to produce an album, was raised in a Christian family and discovered her talent and calling when she was still in Grade 3.

“I used to sing in church at Sunday School and grew up listening to different gospel musicians. My passion in music was energised by powerful gospel artistes such as Agatha Murudzwa, Carol Mujokoro, Pastor Olinda Marowa and Baba naMai Charamba just to mention a few,” she said.

While Mai Mujokoro remains her role model “so much to the extent that she wanted to sing like her”, Kanengoni says her greatest testimony today is that she has managed to create her own brand name.

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