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Mai Patai regains lost mojo

Gweru gospel musician Respina Patai seems to have regained her lost mojo following the release of her seventh album titled Punish the Devil, which hit the streets in March.

By Staff Reporter

Produced and engineered by Jabulani Ndlovu at Trutone Studios, the album seems to have reconnected Mai Patai with her legions of followers, particularly those that had the privilege of listening to the hit track Mazambara.
In 2002, Mai Patai alongside her husband Ephraim hogged the gospel music limelight with the song Mazambara, off the album Rumbidzwai.

Sixteen years down the line, Mai Patai relaunched her career when she released the album Punish the Devil at a colourful event in Gweru that was also graced by gospel sensation Mathias Mhere and the Midlands State University music group.

With powerful tracks such as Ndinodavira, Moyo Munyoro, Usatye, Shoko Rinesimba, Anokomborera, Dai Asiri Jesu, Ruvengo and Denga Rashe, Mai Patai seems to have redeemed her status as Zimbabwe’s gospel queen.

Gospel music lovers seem to have fallen in love with songs Ndinodaira and Anokomborera as they are faring well on local radio stations’ music charts. The two songs are ruling the roost on Radio Zimbabwe’s Coca-Cola Top 20 charts as on Gweru’s radio station Midlands 98.4FM.

“The album Punish the Devil is doing well for Mai Patai as evidenced by the support she is getting on local radio stations,” said Ephraim, who doubles as Mai Patai’s manager.

Fans are quoting their favourite lyrics from the song Ndinodaira which shows the popularity the track is gaining every day and might surpass the hit Mazambara.

Mai Patai composed all the eight songs on the album and is backed by the group Voice of Prophecy. She said she was available for live concerts.

“We are a group and we are open for business. Those willing to partner with us and promoters are welcome for live performances,” Mai Patai said.

“The album has been well-received, with a number of fans asking where I was all these years. I am back and I want to assure you that I am back for good. More music is on the way and let’s be one family through our fan club — Mai Patai Fan Club,” said Mai Patai.

The couple has seven albums, namely Shoko Rinesimba, Usatye, Moyo Munyoro, Mwari Anokomborera, Ndinodavira, Dai Asiri Jesu and Punish the Devil.

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