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Kutonga Kwaro, Handicheuke political craze

By now singer Jah Prayzah can hardly claim the rights to the song Kutonga Kwaro anymore, the hit served as a non-stop theme song for President Emmerson Mnangagwa during his “interim” leadership and ultimately the campaign trail.
Tomorrow, Zimbabweans partake in the harmonised elections in which politicians have applied an array of artistic tricks to win the hearts of the electorate.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Campaign songs stood out as a powerful tool during rallies and other political events where all DJs got paid for was to repeatedly play the same songs in sync with the gatherings’ shared political agenda.

The silence of past election season superstars like Tambaoga, Born Free Crew and Mbare Chimurenga Choir, among others was deafening and had this been a popularity contest, perhaps JP’s only contender would be Paul Madzore of the Handicheuke fame.

If rally playlists were radio charts, both Madzore and the Third Generation Band frontman would have been sitting pretty as millionaires by now from royalties alone without even considering the full houses they would attract at their live shows.

Sadly, however, local airwaves are closed to all music promoting opposition politics.

But, the so-called “silly season” is coming to an end and apart from the two, more musicians will probably miss the traction their politically charged songs were enjoying as attention shifts to real talent.

Dancehall star Winky D would not miss the party and he released a cheeky political statement challenging the current political status quo through a single titled Parliament.

For the Gaffa (Winky’s moniker) and Chimurenga music legend Thomas Mapfumo, whose latest song Chauya Chauya got the electorate entertained, music lovers might revert back to their other music.

But, musicians like Jnr Maskiri’s (Tronnixx) may want to follow up his hard-hitting Garwe Ngaridzokere Mumvura with something entertaining beyond political inclination.

Meanwhile, as the elections euphoria subsides, the music terrain has been restored to normalcy where only the talented thrive and political music mercenaries wait for the next election cycle.

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