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Gumbo returns with masterpiece

Gospel musician Elton Gumbo will launch his album titled Dzevanoenda at the end of the month, where he is set to perform live for the first time in his career spanning more than a decade.

By Style Correspondent

Elton Gumbo

Gumbo, a police officer-cum-musician, told The Standard Style that his fans, who have for a long time been finding it difficult to “marry his music to his face”, would have an opportunity to watch him performing live on stage at the launch.

“To my fans, I would like to say thank you. You respond to God by listening to this music,” he said.

“Expect more uplifting music from me, especially from the album Dzevanoenda, which I am launching on August 28 at Number 6 Hopley Avenue, Athlone, Greendale in Harare.

“Be part of this celebration. I know many of you have been longing to see me live on stage. May God preserve you in His righteousness until His coming.”

Gumbo said he was inspired by God the message-giver Himself, as well as gospel artistes such as Baba Charles Charamba and Baba Mechanic Manyeruke.

“They have managed to create their brands based on originality of who they were made by God. I salute them,” he said of the two legendary gospel artistes.

“The genesis of my music, if traced backwards, may need volumes. It’s better we start from 2011 where I gave my first offer titled Infinity 1, which carries songs such as Kuuya Kwake, Taurai Kamwe, Ngiyabonga, Nyika NdeyaShe and Toxic Love.”

Gumbo said he was disappointed about the quality of the sound on his debut album, blaming what he termed was the big studios’ habit of looking down upon new musicians.

“In 2012 I did Infinity 2 with Peter Muparutsa. Still, this live act didn’t really come out as expected. The following year I ushered in Gejo MuChechi, which is still sounding new up to date,” he said.

At the end of 2013, Gumbo got into the studio to record Infinity 4, but certain complications hindered its production, resulting in the changing of producers, a situation that led it to be mischievously leaked to the public in 2016 and never got to be released.

“I consider my biggest achievement as Infinity 3 Gejo MuChechi. This album introduced me to more fans around the country,” he said.

“The problem up-to-date is fans are not able to marry the music to its performer or vice-versa. The reason is that I have not produced any video for my music, which I promise to do soon.”

A father of two girls, Gumbo says he spends most of his spare time with his family to compensate for the time he spends working in the police force and on his music career.

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