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Oncocare intensifies fight against cancer

The rising cases of cancer have made it prudent for service providers like Oncocare Cancer Treatment Centre to intensify treatment and expand services.


Oncocare resident psychologist Dr Olga Nel

 Speaking during a presentation at the annual Zimbabwe Medical Association (Zima) Cultural Dinner Gala sponsored by Oncocare, head oncologist Bernadette Ndoro said they were focused on providing a one-stop shop for cancer treatment at the centre.

“Oncocare is a comprehensive cancer management centre, which has been operational for two years now. It has added a voice to cancer control campaigns and expanded cancer care services, thereby improving screening and treatment accessibility to all Zimbabweans,” she said.

“When we started, few knew about, but as time went by, many have come to appreciate our work and the volume of patients has grown, especially of those who would have sought cancer care outside the borders of Zimbabwe — away from home — with limited social support and unable to enjoy their normal activities.”

Ndoro lamented the rising cases of cancer largely as a result of bad lifestyles and diet choices, among other things.

“The growth of the cancer burden in our country, sadly, is the main result of evolving and sedentary lifestyles, change in diet and stress associated socio-economic mobility. The comorbidity between HIV and cancer is also well-documented,” she said.

Oncocare is in partnership with key stakeholders in the management and treatment of cancer as they look towards one goal of intensifying cancer treatment and ensuring that its effects are reduced and patients get the cure they hope for when they approach the centre.

Ndoro also spoke on the need to prevent cancer, highlighting the screening services on offer at Oncocare centre.

“Oncocare, together with all key stakeholders, is committed to placing the cancer burden on the national agenda by actively cultivating collaborations with key stakeholders in the cancer care delivery chain. Beyond treatment, this centre also seeks to complement industry programmes to transform the public’s health-seeking behaviours by encouraging regular screening for early detection and continuous advocacy.

“Oncocare recognises that cancer is a global epidemic of the modern world and the silver lining of this reality is the constant advancements in therapies and medical technology, dedicated to bringing hope and optimal clinical outcomes for all patients,” she said.

The Cultural Dinner Gala was hosted by Oncocare for doctors and attendees of the ZiMA Annual Congress at the Rainbow Towers. The  event host, Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa, kept the room alive and electric throughout the evening and was complimented top-notch entertainment by Afro-fusion songstress Hope Masike as well as an exquisite fashion show by Danai Chapfika, show casing Hause of Stone, Afro Chique, Rungano Rwedu and Czeerat fashion Designs.

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