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ThatDynamite: With love from the Ukraine

Ukraine-based Zimbabwean singer Lister Mukono, aka ThatDynamite, yesterday released an EP [extended play] record titled 4someon8.

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Mukono, who believes she has what it takes to match the feat of Zimbabwe-born American artiste and model Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe on the global stage, told The Standard Style that her four-track project was a potpourri of beats.

“It is titled 4someon8 because it is a combination of all the sounds though some tracks like Makanaka pushed me outside my comfort zone,” Mukono said.

“I would like to say the EP is made up of different genres and all danceable except the track titled Everybody, which is a bonus track that I co-produced with Berrykid.”

ThatDynamite said singing runs within her family.

“I have always been into music because everyone in my family has musical talent. I learnt how to play the keyboard because my brothers would practise in my presence and my dad plays the guitar. My mum sings and everybody in my family has a beautiful voice,” she said.

“I love good vibes and it is the reason why I am into music, which is the only universal language that is bringing people together. It is only last year that I started to take my music seriously when I dropped my debut single titled Rewind in Ukraine under Africa Winner where I learnt a lot and almost everyone who listens to it loves it too.”

The singer, who grew up in Harare’s Msasa Park suburb before relocating to the Ukraine with her family, said we had a number of songs of which a large chunk are on social media.

“I was known for dropping freestyle videos on my Instagram @thatdynamite before I joined the mainstream media with the release of the single Rewind,” she said.

Since her talent is mushrooming, she does not see herself sitting on laurels or taking music as a hobby.

“Right now, I am taking music seriously and not as a hobby. Since Rewind I have dropped a hip-hop single titled Shoe-Fitting, which you will nod your head to, then Beautiful Thang, which makes you appreciate love and life and everything around you more,” she said.

“I also have a freestyle called Switch Up. All these tracks can be found on my YouTube channel.”

ThatDynamite believes she should have started music a while ago as it had worked for her in a short space of time. Despite having no collaborations of note, she managed to share the stage with one of Africa’s best dancehall musicians, Patoranking.

“Early this year I shared the stage with Patoranking and that was the highlight of my music career so far. I used to listen to his music a lot since I am also a dancehall fanatic. So, for me to perform just a few minutes before he hit the stage was surreal and it hit me a few days after when I watched the videos of my performance and I am proud of myself,” she said.

Mukono, who feels grateful for the support she gets in Ukraine, said she was planning to tour the Eastern Europe country and other European and American countries.

“Apart from the tours, I would like to make a name in the industry, with a larger fan base, more tracks to my name and collaborations with great artistes that I admire, especially from Africa and around the world. I want to be a household name,” she said.

She said her music was popular in the Ukraine with Rewind being a hit. In Zimbabwe, her music was getting airplay on local radio stations.

Nominated for the Ukraine Splash Awards for the Best Female Artiste category, Mukono said she started singing at a tender age and was part of a dance group called The Dynamites at St John’s.

“My stage name ThatDynamite came from the name of the dance group at school and I want to carry on with my colleagues’ legacy,” she said.

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