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CEO EatOut to mobilise resources for homeless

The Henry Ronald Trust — in conjunction with Rozvi Innovations, Alteri Consultants, Ethical Suppliers, Sold Media and Marketing as well as the Women in Business Network — is organising the CEO EatOut Movement 2018, a fundraising and resource mobilisation event to raise awareness about and fight homelessness in Zimbabwe.

This initiative seeks to encourage the business community, through their corporate social responsibility programmes, to participate in raising awareness and resource mobilisation for the homeless communities in Zimbabwe.

We hope to make this movement an annual event and, each year, we will focus on addressing the principal pillars needed to integrate the homeless back into society, these being:
lCommunity support

Our mission

To provide long-lasting, sustainable assistance to the homeless, the neglected and those socially excluded in the community by raising awareness of their plight, fundraising to assist with their needs and restoring a sense of dignity to their lives.

In doing this, we hope to foster a spirit of volunteerism in the community and engage business leadership as “forces for good” providing people and corporates with the opportunity to impact and change the community through philanthropic activities.


In 2018, the pillars we will focus on are education, sport and integration specifically for vulnerable youths. Our goals are to fundraise for the following:
Hatcliffe 3 Primary School: The after-effects of Operation Murambatsvina in Hatcliffe have resulted in significant hardships for the people in the area and Hatcliffe 3 Primary School is in desperate need of assistance in terms of classroom blocks, toilets, floors, chairs and desks.

The Homeless World Cup Soccer: We would like to assist Young Achievement Sports for Development to send a team to this year’s Homeless World Cup in Mexico City in November.
School fees and associated costs for 50 students attending Hatcliffe 3 Primary School: As a result of Operation Murambatsvina, there are a number of children attending the primary school that are currently living on the streets, with some even heading families.

We hope to assist these particular children and ensure that they attend school on a regular basis.

The ceo EatOut4good movement 2018

The CEO EatOut Movement 2018 will consist of setting up and running a pop-up fine dining restaurant where CEOs and/or top-level management of local companies will come and serve the homeless a meal.

Prior to the meal, our guests (the homeless community in Harare) will be offered a haircut, shower, clean change of clothes, counselling and legal aid services, and a health check.

As such, the event will consist of the following “stations”:
Hygiene pack desk: To distribute hygiene packs and sanitary wear to the patrons.

Mobile showers unit: To provide bathing services for our patrons.

Mobile health desk (clinic): To provide basic health care services and screening to our patrons.

Counselling and screening desk: To provide basic mental screening.

Hair service unit: To provide haircuts to the patrons

Street store: To provide an awesome shopping experience for our patrons.

Fine dining pop-up street restaurant: To provide a memorable fine dining experience to our patrons.

Entertainment unit: Entertainment for our patrons with live performances by local celebrities, upcoming artistes, homeless artistes and volunteers.
Legal aid desk: To assist the homeless with legal issues.

The aims of the event

We hope that the event will achieve the following:
lRaise awareness of the plight of the homeless in Harare.

lFundraise for our three incredible causes for this year.

lEncourage our guests to have personal conversations with leaders and share their stories and aspirations, in the hope that leaders will offer jobs, financial support, skills training, apprenticeships or bursaries

lProvide the homeless with a dignified dining experience, where they can enjoy a good meal in a restaurant setting after having received a shower, haircut, new clothing and counselling services

lBuild a database of the homeless community in Harare in order to offer continuous assistance and support based on their individual needs (for instance, CV writing for those with a trade/qualification, training for those with a skill set, continuous legal aid and counselling, among others).

Our corporate participants

We aim to invite 100 leaders in business to rise to the challenge and participate in The CEO EatOut by doing the following:

lAccepting the challenge to raise funds for the homeless, through the company, friends and business colleagues

lChallenging other business colleagues to join you in raising funds for charity.

lCollect “in-good-condition” clothes, shoes and blankets for the homeless.

lSpend one day serving the homeless at the EatOut event on September 21, 2018.

We trust that through this event, our invited leaders will gain empathy for the poor and homeless, raise resources through corporate and personal donations and foster sustainable change by providing job and training opportunities to some of our guests.

The event will also be a networking event for individuals and companies to share their visions and experiences on such corporate social responsibility initiatives.

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