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Wezhaz Sports Bar brings new dimension to entertainment

Operating a liquor business is not a stroll in the park in Zimbabwe, hence one needs to be creative and innovative if they aim to outdo their competition and stay ahead of the game in this cut-throat business.

By Style Reporter

Popular Harare outlet, Wheel and Ease Sports Bar, has brought a new dimension to the concept of entertainment in this industry that is operating in a saturated and competitive environment.

In its bid to keep its head above the water, the joint, popularly known as Wezhaz in entertainment circles, has come up with a cocktail of strategies.

Famed for hosting popular jazz outfit Jabavu Drive every week, the Warren Park 1-based entertainment hub has of late turned out to be a popular rendezvous in the capital city.

“In order to stand out in this kind of business, you’ve to build an environment that is fun and exciting, which people won’t forget about,” said owner and prominent businessman Exevia “Wezhaz” Maoneke.

“You need to transform the club into a unique setting that brings exciting experience on a daily basis and this is what we are doing at Wheel and Ease Sports Bar.”

Maoneke said of late he had seen his clientele grow, with some people coming from as far afield as Chitungwiza, Norton and other surrounding suburbs.

“We have noticed a surge in the clientele base, thanks to the Friday jazz nights powered by Jabavu Drive and Saturday nights when top DJs run the show.

Normally, we have a full house on these days, but every night at Wezhaz has a unique ambiance,” he said.

Jabavu enthrals fans through the exquisite performances by some of the country’s most talented and consistent jazz musicians, including Phillip Svosve (tenor saxophone and vocals), Aaron Yafele (trombone and vocals), Nicholas Mugona (bass guitar), Kudzi Makaya (drums), Moses Mwale (keyboards), Rudo Musiwacho (vocals), Kuda Arineshito (lead guitar) and Dumisani Dzapasi (vocals).

Maoneke said he would continue reaching out to musicians, both veterans and upcoming ones.

“The idea is to give our musicians a platform to showcase their talents. Jazz outlets in the city centre are fast diminishing and the ghetto is taking over,” he said.

“Apart from Jabavu Drive, we have slots for other artistes regardless of the music they play.

“We had MaNgwenya recently and she gave a five-star performance, which is commendable.

“There are many groups that perform here and fans enjoy that very much.”

Maoneke said patrons should look forward to shows that feature man of the moment Baba Harare, jazz starlet Mbeu and Blessing “Bledza” Chaeza, among others.

Wheel and Ease Sports Bar is famed for hosting music gigs under the banner The Hub Reloaded, which has showcased upcoming artistes such as Wanayi Wadzanai Ndudzo, Ammi Jamanda and Benjamin Chidewe, among others.

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