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Gweru comedy movie on the cards

Prominent Gweru actor Mzwandile Donald Funyane is set to make history by launching the first comedy movie in the Midlands capital titled Nashville Heights.

bY Sandra Maricho

Mzwandile Fuyane

Funyane said they had finished shooting the comedy movie scenes and it would be ready in a few weeks.

“We have just finished shooting the movie, which is full of comedy. I am promising comedy lovers lots of laughs,” he said.

Funyane has been a comedian all his life, but became a professional actor in 2015.

“I was inspired by my family. We really have a fun bone, but the likes of Trevor Noah makes us want to come up and be professionals,” he said.

The artiste says he comes with comics and jokes from everyday socialisation with people, reading newspapers and watching television soapies.

“A lot of things are funny and it depends on how one looks at them,” he said.

The comedian opened up on the challenges they face in the industry.

“Comedy itself being a luxurious or entertainment industry, our current economic situation makes it difficult to find sponsorship or sometimes being taken seriously. Some people do not understand comedy itself so during live shows it is hard to please them,” he said.

Comedy has been fast-growing into a vibrant industry of arts lately. However, it is mainly seen on social media and few artistes have devoted their time in putting together a whole comedy movie or film.

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