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Chiguvare-Mukariri comes of age

LAST week was a defining moment that is set to thrust Emmanuel Fellowship Ministries Pastor Daisy Chiguvare-Mukariri into musical stardom after she launched her fifth album Rereka Nzeve, whose spiritually-inspired messages have reached a higher level.

gospel music sermon with The Master

Daisy Chiguvare-Mukariri

Awesome is the way gospel music minister Chiguvare-Mukariri manages to blend gospel music with a traditional music flavour.

Her songs Chikomana Delete and Vhangeri neNgoma have topped local gospel charts on Radio Zimbabwe in a career spanning from 2010.

She manages this through the fusion of traditional music forms such as mhande, mbakumba and jiti into a unique indigenous hybrid of gospel music.

Chiguvare-Mukariri — who preaches to every situation through her incredibly expressive voice — has also roped in some of Zimbabwe’s top artistes to spice up the six-track gospel sermon.

The songs on the album are Kudzinga Nhunzi, Hatidi Kurambana (featuring comedian-cum-musician Freddy Manjalima, aka Kapfupi), Ndinoda Kumuona (featuring Pastor Haisa), the title track Rereka Nzeve (featuring Blessing Shumba), Thalita Cumi and Hazvingouya Nyore.

Her passion is to build people that are rooted in the Lord through the use of sermons in her music.

“I can take one week to compose songs for an album because the Lord can give me two or three songs a day. When I finally record my album I usually have more than 20 songs and select from these,” she said.

She said ministering through music was a sacrifice and calling whose main objective was to deliver the message of God deposited in her and she took The Standard Style through some of the messages on her songs on the album Rereka Nzeve.

“On the song Hatidi Kurambana the message is that marriage is what you make it. I am looking at a situation where the husband and wife are always fighting, yet there are other couples who enjoy years of marital bliss, not because they do not wrong each other, but because they know how to handle such situations,” she said.

According to Mukariri, the track Ndinoda Kumuona is an emotional prayer to see the one who died and rose for her sins and always fights in her corner.

“I want to see this person, Christ, who saved my life. I have to make it to Heaven so that I can see face-to-face this man who saved my life and say thank you.

On Thalita Cumi, which means, “little girl, I say to you, arise,” according to Mark 5:41, Jesus Christ spoke in the Aramaic language when he resurrected from the dead the 12-year-old daughter of Jairus.

“Jesus restores to life every dead thing be it marriage, business or whatever you wish for and have tried to accomplish but with little or no success,” she said.

“A Christian lives a victorious life, nothing is impossible with God. It’s a song that gives hope to people facing challenges. As mentioned in Ezekiel 37 about dry bones.”

Chiguvare-Mukariri also acts as a pastor in a television soapie titled Kuchina the Genesis adapted from the usual Thursday ladies’ meetings at churches.

“The series writer and producer identified my talent and implored me to act as a preacher,” she said.

“I am quick to catch the lines. It is not something that is done every day, so there is not much pressure. I act as a pastor in that drama where I address most issues that affect women.”

She described acting as an opportunity to spread the word, and that is why her character in the drama portrays what is expected of a pastor.

“You can’t act as a pastor when you are not. The danger is that those who watch your drama will relate to the way you act and your personal life. So, if you live another life it wont bode well with those who view you as a pastor,” she said.

The pastor, who also owns a highly successful pre-school in Chitungwiza, cited the example of Apostle Paul in the Bible who worked as a tent maker to avoid burdening the church with his upkeep.

“I am a successful entrepreneur. I have a school, which is growing fast due to our high standards. I am raising and building these children according to the Word of God,” she said.

“I advocate for the empowerment of women and urge women to be hard workers. God can open doors to the wife who becomes financially sound even more than the husband.

“However, the Word of God does not talk about equal rights, but that woman should be at the position of submission.”

She urged women to submit to their husbands and treat their husbands like “kings” as they in turn would treat them like “queens”.

“The moment you do that he will want to uplift you and you become equals in the process. If the women take heed of this message, they will have less problems in their marriages,” Chiguvare-Mukariri said.

On her duties at home, Mukariri said while she has employed helpers, she takes it upon herself to do everything that needs the attention of her husband and children.

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